Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Great Falls

Two Mommas boys
I really enjoyed this week. This week went by really fast I thought. It seems like yesterday I was writing you all. Me and Elder Burnham have been working really hard this past week. During our zone meeting, We made a goal to have 10 people on date for baptism by the end of the transfer. At first I thought it was absolutely crazy, but just this past week we met with T who is a less active lady and she has not met with the missionaries for quite a while. Then we get a call from a lady telling us that she wants to meet with the missionaries again! When we went over and talked with T. As we were talking with her; her son, walked in and we asked him if he was still interested in learning about the gospel. He said yes! So we taught the first lesson and we invited him to be baptized after talking about the experience that Joseph Smith  had in the grove of trees,  and he said that he would want to. We were so exited! 

I really enjoyed the zone conference that we had as a mission. I took alot of things out of it. I feel that alot of the things that were said were very inspired. 

Then yesterday, we met with another less active who is an older man. We talked with him to see how he was doing. As the conversation went on, we started talking about his grandkids and he told us that all of his grandkids had not been baptized yet! We asked him how many he had he said eight!  So that leaves us still with 6 potential people on date! When we met with him he said that he was going to call a big family meeting where they are going to talk about the grandkids and how they need to be baptized. We have prayed about help to find a family to teach and to get 10 people on date. and we both feel strongly that that is an answer to our prayers. We could have 7 people on date and baptized in the next month, and we have a big family to teach. 

Also something amazing this week was this past Sunday where the whole stake met in the stake center for a massive sacrament meeting and we also talked about the boundary changes and every bishop got released and new bishops called. Something interesting was that since all the bishops got released, everyone that had a job got released as well! Now the newly called bishops have to basically start there own ward organization again. I thought to myself, "I wonder how Joseph Smith felt when he had to build up the church." This  week went really well and I hope everyone else's was too.

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