Monday, August 4, 2014

Weeks eighteen and nineteen

This week was a pretty slow week compared to the others. I serve in what is called the Roe River ward. There are two companionship's in each of the wards now. We don't know what areas we have to cover now. Something that is especially interesting is that we have another set of missionaries now. We have been trying to figure out if we should split up the ward between us. To make sure we are not teaching the same people. Its a kind of tough situation. 

One thing that I thought was cool this week was an answer to our prayers. I already wrote it in my last letter to you. about Tyler and the other less active family. Tyler said that he was going to be able to come to church yesterday, but unfortunately his father is not letting him go without his mother who is a less active. We did have a lesson with the families yesterday, it was a really good lesson, the kids that we taught are well prepared and are ready to be baptized, they just need to be taught by us. We set a baptismal date for them for September 6th. We know that it is a long ways away but that is what they wanted. I think later on, Elder Burnham and I will try to move the date closer. The  kids have a lot of questions which is really awesome because it shows that they are interested.  
I  hope all is well for everyone this week and I love doing the work here in great falls. 

-Elder Daniels 
A hilarious family, especially the dad, and phenomenal ├ęclairs
This week went by so fast! Since Elder Burnham is the district leader, he has to go on exchanges with all of the companions. Which means for me that   I have to go on a lot of exchanges as well! The work has really progressed here in the Great Falls Roe River ward. Me and my companion have been working really hard and we have prayed for a lot of things. Since we have been patient, we have seen the effects of our hard work. We are very excited to have 4 people on date for baptism in the next month. They all seemed like solid dates. But when the time comes that they have to go to church. They have other things that they have to do and they do not come to church. 

I can not believe that this transfer is almost over! It seems like only 2 weeks ago the transfer started. but now its under 2 week left. We had a mid-transfer meeting with President Pfile, the stake president. I think it was good that we had it. Because at the beginning of the transfer, we created goals to accomplish. And the goals never seemed to get accomplished. So I liked the transfer meeting because that helped us know what to do to accomplish those goals that we set. 

 I hope you all have had a good week!

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