Monday, September 15, 2014

Eventful Week

This week was a pretty eventful week, right after district meeting me and the district leader switched companions for an exchange. Usually the exchanges are for three days but this one was over night and we switched back that next day right before bedtime. I went up to a super small town called roundup. My companion while I was in Malta a while back, elder Sumner served there for quite a while. I knew this before I went, and EVERYONE knew who elder Sumner was. They still talk about him. Roundup has a rust problem in their water, so it's really bad to drink and so we went to the church and got some filtered water in big gallon buckets. It was pretty fun up there.

Friday night we got home and our neighbor is a big hunter and he was home before us and elder Wilson sees something in the back of his truck. We get a flashlight and go and see what it was. Sure enough, it was a small doe already gutted and bleeding everywhere in the back of his truck, I saw it and almost threw up. I've never seen a dead animal that was freshly dead and already gutted freshly. It was too dark to see the whole thing but I tried to get a good picture. I think it would be cool to go hunting, but I don't think I could handle the stuff you do to it after you kill it, I probably couldn't get the courage to kill the thing either.

We then had dinner on Saturday with the Mc, family, we are trying to save up our miles because we are very VERY limited and we usually run out of miles about this time of the month. So in order to save miles we started walking down the highway 312 which has no shoulder so we are walking on the road and when a car would come close we would walk off and then keep going. It's about 10 miles to their house.

One long walk

We started walking around 3:30 and we had dinner at about 5. As we were walking we saw the dead raccoon on the road which you see a picture attached. We also took some selfies! I'm really bad at selfies. That's probably the 3rd selfie ever that I have taken. It got about 4:45 and we were still really far away from their house. So we called him and he came and picked us up. But he had to drive back to where we lived because he needed to fill up with gas! So it was basically pointless that we walked that far. Some people stopped and asked if we needed a ride because nobody walks along that road. But of course they were women and it's against the rules to ride in a car with just a woman. But the dinner was really good! We also thought that we could just hitch a ride on one of the coal freight trains going that direction we needed to go but we thought that would be a really bad idea. We just laughed about it though.

Apple Enchiladas for dessert
On Sunday we had dinner with the G. family.  It satisfies me to say that It was really good food. But the dessert was the best.
I've never heard of Apple enchiladas. There is a picture attached but it is basically the stuff that your would put in an apple pie but you wrap it in a tortilla and bake it and eat it with ice cream. Besides the name of apple enchiladas, it was the weirdest dessert that if have eaten so far, but it has bee the best.
Hope everyone has had a good week and hope to see some emails come in. 

-Elder Daniels

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