Sunday, October 26, 2014

I'm going to the Temple

I was so excited to go to the temple this week! There is never a better opportunity than to go to the temple. We should always strive to go to the temple as often as we can. Doing work for those that have passed on is the best feeling ever because you can feel their love for you. I took some photos of this occasion and attached them, and there should be some photos of the zone together at the entrance of the temple later maybe next week. Even though we are VERY limited on miles, going to the temple is so worth it.

The next day after the temple trip we had zone conference. The assistants had given us discussions and then we joined together and president and sister addressed us. I don't quite remember what sister

M. talked about but all I remember is her taking the missionary handbook and ripping out some of the pages as she talked about how we shouldn't obey just a few rules but we should obey all of them. As she was ripping the pages out of the handbook one by one, I felt like my heart was ripping. 
Then president addressed us. He talked about the same thing. 

On Friday we had no dinner, but we had a ward BBQ. So that was good! We tried to get some of our less active and investigators there along with our recent converts. Only our less active family, and Jim our recent convert showed up. It was good to see them there and how well they were getting friendships.

Yesterday on Sunday I was able to have the opportunity to play the piano in sacrament meeting. I played my rendition of "I am a child of god" again. Everyone LOVED IT! Right after I played and was walking back to my seat next to my companion, one of the speakers went to shake my hand and I thought he was just shaking it but he pulled me to the stand with him and he started his talk and I thought that he forgot about me standing right next to him and he then recognized me and wanted to have me thank my mom for putting up with all of my practicing. But in return, I said that I actually loved to practice. Then after church I got asked to go play the piano in primary because the piano player was not there. They sang a lot of songs and I was sight reading it because I had never played it before. But I did good anyway. And as always I played in priesthood opening exercises but since I was playing in primary they had to do without me for a day.

This week was a pretty exciting week. I can't wait for general conference this next month.(in two weeks) Because that marks my 6 month mark! Then I will only have 2 more conferences, then I will be home right before the one in April 2016. We should always cherish the moments that we have in the short time that we have. Especially as a missionary, because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to share the gospel as a full time missionary because every member is a missionary in one way or another.

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