Friday, October 10, 2014

Howdy ya'll

We did a lot of service this week. On Monday we went and visited the Cranfords, brother Cranford said that he was going to be splitting some wood on Tuesday and he had a whole trailer full of logs. We went back over on Tuesday afternoon and unloaded half of the wood for him and put in in a log pile. The other half of wood we split with axes for him. Since it was my first time EVER splitting wood.  I took it pretty slow just so  I could get the motion down and to make sure that I was hitting the same spot on the log so  I don't miss and hurt myself. Because that wouldn't be good!!  Most of the logs that I split, it took about 12 swings to finally split it in half and then ANOTHER 8 just to split it into quarters. It took a while for me. But near the end I was splitting it in quarters in about 5 hits. So I guess that is some improvement for the first time!

We then got a call the next day, Wednesday, to help a member buck about 100 bails of hay onto his trailer. He lived all the way in Shepherd and since we are SUPER limited on miles, We would not be able to help him unless he picked us up. But it worked out nicely because he was driving past where we live in Worden to pompeys piller to get the bails at some guys farm land. So we helped him and it was really fun. I enjoyed it a lot! It was also my first time ever doing that as well. Its crazy how those bails of hay can weigh up to 80 pounds A PIECE! But I did it, and I was throwing them on the stack with brother Leiser,

and Elder Wilson was stacking them together while brother Leisers 13 year old daughter was

driving the truck down the field. It was the funnest and probably the hardest thing I could have done because I couldnt throw them on the stack that was taller than me. But it was pretty funny to watch me try. I only broke one cord on one of the bails. Im lucky that it wasnt over my head when it broke because then I would be really itchy.

The last service project that we did was with the elders quorum, we are trying to get wood together to split for widows in the ward that need it for the winter. On friday, we went and helped put logs into trailers as the adults were cutting them into the logs. We loaded two trailerfulls, and it all weighed 4 tons!!!! thats alot of wood! We are planning on helping them this Thursday to get together to split the wood. I LOVE SPLITTING WOOD! I don't know if I said it before but I really do. I love service! Now is the time that we are probably going to be splitting wood a lot because everyone is going to be doing it right before winter.

I used my talent again to play the piano in primary, because they needed another piano player this week. We shouldn't hide our talents that we have, because we never know if it could bless the life of another. Just like I impacted Jim  as  I played at his baptism.

Speaking of Jim, I am very happy to say that he got ordained to the office of a priest this Sunday!!!!!!!!!! I can see a greater light in his eyes ever since he got baptized. He is one of the strongest converts that I have seen. He is really dedicated to this gospel.

 We also got tranfer calls this week, I am grateful to be staying in Shepherd for another transfer with Elder Wilson!! He is a really good missionary he has helped me to see what I could do to be a better missionary. I am very excited for this upcoming transfer!  I hope that ya'll are doing dandy and that everything is going alright with you.

-Elder Daniels

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