Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hey guys,

This week was pretty good. From Wednesday to Friday I was on yet another exchange with the zone leaders this time. I was able to be with Elder Griffith. The Hawthorne ward is having a rough time. There was not a lot of people to teach, so we ended up doing a lot of Tracting. But the lessons that we were able to have were really good. I thought that the exchange went great regardless. We went into a dinner appointment not knowing what we should teach them, Elder Griffith gave me the opportunity to share the message. I had no idea what to teach. so I came to the conclusion after much thought. I shared the message about letting the savior be our guide in life, from Elder Ballards talk. I  had a lot of thoughts go through my mind, but during the lesson the thoughts were totally different. I realized that I was teaching by the spirit. 

After the exchange me and Elder Graham went over to an investigators house at 8. He always lets us inside. But this lesson was quite a bit different. during the lesson, the investigator, came back at us with a comment. Then the conversation went downhill from there. we tried to keep teaching. But he would be arguing. It came to the point where he would keep talking and we would have to leave, so we asked him if we could say a prayer but he kept talking.  He kept talking and trying to combat with us. We ended up walking out of the house without turning back. The whole conversation and lesson was just a contentious battle. We taught and did the best that we could to help him understand, I dont think that we are going to go back soon. 

Speaking of not going back soon....yet again I have gotten transferred. haha! but its not a bad thing. I like seeing all the different sorts of people throughout the mission. I am grateful to be going to Cody Wyoming. I  have had a good time in Roundup, I will miss this place. but I  am looking forward to meeting the people in Cody. 

Hope you've had a great week. Because mine was pretty good overall. 
-Elder Daniels

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