Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy Holidays

Hey family!

This chistmas season was pretty easy for me. I thought that it would be pretty difficult having a christmas away from home for the first time. But it actually was not that bad. I hope that you all had a wonderful christmas as well. I loved skyping home and seeing and talking with all of you. The winter is finally here in WY and I think it is going to stay! We opened our front door on christmas morning and we had a huge snow drift blocking the way out of our house. We were able to clear it out of the way however, and while I was backing my companion. We got stuck in another snow drift that was bigger! But luckily we have a four wheel drive truck and we were able to get out. I am grateful for the trucks that we do have in the mission.

The work is really starting to slow down here. we are trying our hardest to have set appointments but we only have a few throughout the week. We are doing really good with our 8 o'clock appointments though. There are a lot of people that we are working with that do not want to meet with us anymore. Most of them have decided to go to the harvest church. We are losing people in our teaching pool but we are doing a lot of finding to find more people to teach, and it is working! the ward in cody is really awesome. we almost always get a ride to where we need to go,we do not have the car. Sometimes they see us walking on the side of the road and they pull off and offer to give us a ride

Sometimes our host for dinner get upset when we tell them that we have to have a dinner at 5 and have to be out by 6 unless there is a non-member or a less-active there. Nobody seems to realize that we need to have dinner at that time and no other time. No matter how many times we tell the members that we need to have a dinner at 5 and no later than six, they always seem to not care as much and still sign up and say 5:30 or 6. Sometimes they get really upset when we confirm the apointment and say five! Its not our rule as a missionary or a mission, but as a missionary rule from the presidency in the white handbook. But the food that they make is really good! So I'm grateful for there service regardless., The people in WY whether non-member or member are really nice. 

I hope you have had a wonderful christmas, because I have too. 

-elder daniels

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