Saturday, January 24, 2015

Most stressful week so far

This week we did exchanges with the first ward Elders. We did the exchange from wednesday till Friday. I stayed in our own ward and took the role of senior companion for a few days again (which is pretty stressful, I  don't know how some missionaries handle it) But we were able to switch with both companions. The the first 24 hours until Thursday afternoon I stayed in third ward with Elder Wilson who I had served with in Shepherd, MT. We had a few people that were set lessons and six, seven, and eight o'clock. So the rest of our night was booked. During dinner however, We got text messages and phone calls and voicemails from every one of our set lessons. They all needed to cancel the lesson. So now we had nothing to do for the rest of the night. after dinner We figured out that we were going to just try and see some people around the area after dinner. We were not able to get in with anybody. The next day in the afternoon we switched companions and then I had Elder Prescott for the next 24 hours. We were able to see a few more people in the morning. One of the lessons was with a less active family, the mom was not there but her son was so we taught him. He did not seem interested at all and it was a rough lesson. We then went down the list that bishop gave us. We found brother C, he is a member that just moved in and he loves the missionaries, he is an active member though, so there is not much that we can teach him. 
On Monday night we had a lesson with the C, family who are a less active/recent convert/non member family. We have been teaching all of them and the kids are always hard to keep in the lesson. The mom always gets upset because the kids will not listen. sister C, we feel, has been pricked by the spirit a whole bunch and she is just not acting on the things that she is being taught. We also feel that if she does not change, we will not be able to meet with her because she doesn't want to keep feeling guilty. We asked her if it would be okay if we set up a time that we could meet with her and the bishop so that she could express some concerns that she has about the church that she does not want to bring up in front of her kids. So after the lesson we called the bishop and set up a time that we could all meet at the church privately and talk about whatever her concerns are. I hope all goes well. 

So in summation, this week was and has been pretty stressful for at least me. We have had a lot of things going on that we have had to take care of. But other than that, I hope that your week was as good as always. 

have a wonderful week,
-Elder Daniels

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