Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 8th

  • this week was pretty hectic. on monday i tried to get all of my packing done before transfers because we would leave on tuesday. when we got to billings my companion, Elder Brewster, was not there. so I got to go with Elder Delimatafor the night because we both needed companions. later on Wednesday evening when I met my companion we drove to the small town of Hysham because we would not have been home by 9 if we drove all the way to Forsyth, so we stayed in Hysham for the night and all of the next day because we were doing service there. Then we went to Forsyth the next morning.  We did some more service. Forsyth is way spread out so it is going to be hard on the miles that we get. But we were able to get under miles when I was in shepherd with Elder Wilson, why wont I be able to do it again in Forsyth.

When we got to Forsyth, the branch president called and said that they only had one speaker for the sacrament meeting. So he asked if Iwould be able to give a talk that Sunday, which was in two days. I accepted. The talk I gave was on personal revelation and how we can recieve a simple revelation, or testimony, about the book of mormon. I have given that talk a few times before so I am glad that I had it but Idecided to change it up a bit to fit what I Felt the branch needed. 

We also went tracting at 8PM which i don't really like to do because it bothers people. But when we were tracting the only door that opened let us right in.We taught him the restoration lesson and we talked about baptism. He said that he has not been baptised and he has thought about it a lot and he knows that it is nessisary. He said he would think about it because it it about time for him to get baptized. We were going to put him in the area book but he said that he has had missionaries stop by before so we checked the former investigators and sure enough, He was  on our list of contacts. So that was my week and my birthday is next week on Friday the 13th and I have already gotten lots of packages.

Well that was my week. 
-Elder Daniels

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