Monday, February 9, 2015

Febuary 2 2015

  • Hey family, 

This week was pretty good. on Wednesday for the mutual activity, the youth had a mini missionary activity. For all of the youth, when they showed up, they got their mini mission call for the night and got their own paper nametags. At the begining they all sat down in the gym and they were in the "MTC" the ward mission leader was the MTC president. They  all got their companions and had to stay with them for the night. Then  they did different activities and they called them transfers, when they went to the next activity. This  is where we come in and why we were there in the first place. One of the activities was us teaching how to do a companionship study. Basically what we did was we taught how a companionship study was supposed to happen and then we had them get with their companion and we gave them a name and a backround of somebody that we actually have worked with in a past area, and they had to figure out what they were going to teach that person based on their needs. It was a cool experience with the teens that actually wanted to participate. Theyouth said that it was a really good insite to how you would plan. Most of the kids loved the activity. One of the other activities was where members of the ward came and they went into a room in the church and the youth had to go up and go tracting! Most of the youth said that it would be hard to go tracting ( well they are right in some ways) Most of the members were hard on them, but one of the members would let them in and totally accept the message that they were teaching. Then when they left, the member would tell them that  the people that would just let them in would rarely ever happen. haha! Which is true! But then the end of the activity was the return with honor meeting. The bishop got up and gave a few words regarding their faithfullness in sharing the gospel and going on a mini mission. It was still pretty cool though.I cant wait for that moment one year from now! The bishop then asked how many of the youth are going to go on a mission from just participating in the activity and getting some insite. I didn't get a photograph but most of the youth said they would go on a mission. That was a really cool activity that we had part in for the ward. 

Also I found out that you only need one blade to shave your face! I found a safety razor shaver. that only uses one blade! And to be honest I think that it works just as fine, if not better, than a 15 dollar gillette shaver. The cool thing is that you can get a razor blade for the shaver for about 25 CENTS! So its much cheaper! Plus it looks classy and old fashioned. one of the missionaries in Cody actually uses a straight razor to shave. I hear that shaving with a straight razor is EXTREMELY difficult. One false move and you cut yourself. Ouch! 

Also, if you have not heard already, I am getting transferred yet again! I am going to be in
, Montana. I heard that forsyth covers part of an indian reservation so that is going to be a cool experience. 

Anyway, this week was a good last week of the transfer. It has been really warm the past week but it has died down and for the past few days it had been a bitter cold! have a good week.
elder Daniel

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