Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Birthday

As you know I had my birthday on Friday the 13th. And I did celebrate it. Apparently Elder Brewster bought me a gift when we went to a store to do some shopping and I didnt see him buy it. And he woke up early before I was up so he could set it up on my desk. I didnt see it in the morning, before I got in the shower but when I got out. I saw it and I said out loud, " whoa! When did that get here!" and he said it had been there since I woke up and didn't notice it. But we made a cake, and then ate it. We celebrated with a few members but all they said was Happy Birthday and didnt get me a gift. But that didnt matter because my Mom had a lot of people send some ties as gifts. Most everyone send a tie or two. I got some packages that had a lot of ties. So I have about just over 30 ties. All in all I got about 15 packages so far. Some might be there today?

We had a lesson with W on Thursday. It was another lesson that went really well. During the lesson his wife T stopped us and said, " okay, this might sound a little weird. But a few minutes ago while you were talking I got this weird warm feeling that I have never ever felt before..." we told her that it was the spirit testifying to her the truth of the message. Then we went on with the lesson and she stopped us again as said, " okay, for the past 20 minutes I have had that warm feeling consistently! What is going on?" and we again told her that it was the spirit talking and testifying to her that the message we shared was true. So we KNEW from the spirit of God. That it was the time that we were supposed to put her on baptismal date because, we would have no way in denying the spirit telling her that she should be baptized and so invited both of them to be baptized and W was hesitating because he wants to learm more about it, and then see where he wants to go from there. But once we asked T if she would be baptized, she IMMEDIATELY said yes. So we put them on date for the 28th of March. They are ready. They are solid. So we asked if they were going to come to church as well, and they wanted to so bad but when church came around we called them and they said that their cows started to calve so they had to be there to do that and they didnt finish until about noon. 

Other than that lesson our week was pretty normal We had some donation boxes that were at the church and some of them had some jeans in the box. So we looked through and I found some jeans that were my exact size and they were really nice wrangler blue jeans. So now I have a full cowboy western outfit. Haha. Well that was my week hope there will be more that goes on with W and T.
-Elder Daniels

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