Monday, February 9, 2015

January 26 th

Hey guys,

So since I am with a district leader, I have to follow him around while he does his stuff as a district leader. For instance, this week we found out that the district leader has to go on weekly planning exchanges where we would go on an exchange for a day doing weekly planning with the other companionship. But since we cannot be alone with a person of the opposite gender. We have to go together whenever we are doing a planning with the sisters. So this week we went to the sisters in Burlington while we had the car. Usually the weekly planning takes about 2-3 hours. but with the new things that came out on weekly planning, the planning took about 5 hours. So  it was a long day. I did help out during the planning though, but it was mainly the district leader that was supposed to do it. We did have the meeting with sister but we were not in it because we felt that we shouldn't because it is under the bishops direction and when we called him he felt the same way. So we don't entirely know what went on in the meeting. but to keep it confidential I will not give out anymore information. 

On Wednesday we had a lesson with a less active member named sister S, We had planned to meet just her but when we went over she had one of her friends that is catholic and she liked to talk about god so she listened. The spirit was definitely there because all of us were feeling it. Then  the time came that we were supposed to invite her to be baptized. When we invited her, she hesitated and said that she did not want to be baptized unless she felt that same spirit more times. So we told her that she would because we teach multiple lessons. the cool thing was that we invited them to church too (as well as everyone else that we have been working with) and this past sunday everyone that we invited was there at church. Even sister sharpes catholic friend! We Were so happy because nobody for the past 12 weeks has came to church. so that was a very big step. 

Also we had dinner with the H  family. The dinner was good and the lesson was good, but at the end of the lesson sister H looked over at brother H and said, "do you want me to say it, or do you want to be a big boy and say it yourself?" they are an old couple so it was kinda funny but we did not laugh. brother H said that he has came down with some sort of sickness for the past few days and he was wondering if we could give him a blessing. We said we would and he asked if I would give the blessing. Keep in mind that this is my first blessing that I have ever gave in my entire lifetime. So I started to give the blessing, and when it ended, sister H looked over at all of us and said to brother H " that was a pretty good experience wasn't it?" they both did not know that it was my first time giving a blessing. But whenever I hear of somebody giving a blessing, they almost always say that they could feel a presence of something while they were giving the blessing. or they had thoughts come to their mind distinctly. But during the blessing that I gave, I had none of those things come to me. but apparently whatever I said during the blessing was what brother H needed to hear. It was a pretty cool experience for a first time for me. Thats pretty much the events that happened during the week. 

hopefully your week goes well.
-Elder Daniels

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