Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2nd 2015

Hey family,

Last Monday, Elder Brewster did an exchange with the Hardin Elders until Wednesday. When we had the mission leadership training. The exchange was a really good exchange. We got back to Forsyth right before dinner. After we had dinner we tried to see some of the people that are on our potentials list. To try and find any who are ready to learn about the gospel. While going through our list we saw the name T. and Obungo (they are from Uganda). When I was with Elder Brewster, We have tried them a few times but we have always missed her. So we decided to try her again and when we knocked on the door her husband answered the door and we asked if T. or obungo was there. He said no but said that we could come in. When we came in we sat down and started to some how  begin teaching and asking him about his religious background. He said that he believed in the bible and that the bible contained everything. We explained about the apostasy. And how books have been lost, and about the different translations of the bible. We also explained how we need to have a second witness to know what the full truth is. He believes that the bible is everything that we need and that "the book of the Mormons " as he called it, would have been contained in the bible if it were the word of god. But since it is not in the bible. He believed it is not the word of god. It was a very frustrating conversation. I wish people could just read a little of the book of Mormon and realize it is another testament of Jesus Christ and does not replace the bible but is a companion to it and testimony of the people who lived in  the American continents.
I really liked the mission leadership training that we had on Wednesday. President Mecham asked for a volunteer, and when nobody answered he called on me! And everyone gave out a sigh of relief. I wasn't too scared when he called on me. I don't mind getting called on, but I was a little nervous that I may not have the answer, but I always will try. Overall I really liked the training that we had.
We had another lesson with the E. family on Thursday. We taught the word of wisdom lesson. We felt that it would be a hard thing.  They will have to live With out bad habits before they get baptized. When we talked to them about it they expressed that they have 3 habits that are against the word of wisdom. We expressed our concern and we set the goals to quitting. We set a goal with them to quit one of those things that are holding them back every week from now on. They committed and we gave them priesthood blessings of comfort and council to help them. We told them that the blessing outcome was according to their faith. T. told us that she hoped it worked. It was a really good lesson but now they have some really big goals ahead of them.

This week we had stake conference, which was really good I thought. We were supposed to be there to be ushers for it because there was a whole lot of people there!  It was nice to see a lot of good friends from the Shepherd ward. A lot of the investigators that I had been working with in Shepherd have gotten baptized and are really solid in the church. I knew that area was going to be growing pretty soon. I wasn't the harvester, but I do know that I was one of the sowers and I planted a lot of seeds. In them to get them to the point of baptism.
Have a great week,
-Elder Daniels

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