Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 9

McKade Daniels to you & 5 more
Howdy family,

This week was a very good week. But as far as having lessons and teaching people, we really struggled. This past Wednesday we had elder Zwick from the first quorum of the 70 come with Micheal Hemmingway from the church, come to our mission and talk with about the ipads and what we will be doing with missionary work in the future. The whole mission was there in one building in Bozeman and elder Zwick wanted to shake each and every one of our hands before we started. So I had the opportunity to shake a general authorities hand!!!!!! I felt like a lot of the discussions that were given were very inspired and focused on each and every one of us individually. It was really hard not to let the meeting become some sort of a mission reunion though. It was nice to see all of my previous companions that I have had so far on the mission in one room. I took a lot of things away from the meeting about what  I need to do to become better. One of those things is that felt like Ireally needed  was to forget the past and everything that has happened and move on. 

After the meeting was when elder Brewster and I went on another exchange for weekly planning with the Hardin elders. Pretty much all day Thursday was me planning for our area over the next week. It was pretty difficult because I have still never met some of the people that we are working with. After we finished weekly planning we had a lesson with a family who are a less active part member family. We were at a loss at what we should teach them because they have had the lessons many times but they need somebody to still be there. So we have just been reading the book of Mormon with them and they are really enjoying it. That same night we also had a lesson with the E. family. We had made the plan to teach them the law of chastity, but when we walked in their house and started talking I felt that we needed to totally switch up the lesson to teach to their needs. Basically how the conversation went was that we really threw them for a loop when we boldly told them that they needed to quit everything that is against the word of wisdom within a month. They expressed that it was really tough for them and that we 
shouldn't push them like that. So I felt that we needed to 
talk about why we pushed pretty hard and that we knew that it was for their own good. I felt like that lesson that we taught according to their needs was very beneficial and that it was needed.

Other than those two lessons that we had. our week was not much better, we really struggled this week with all of the meetings that we have had and everywhere we have had to drive because of exchanges and such. So I really hope that this next week will be a lot better than this one.

-Elder Daniels

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