Monday, March 16, 2015

Transfering Agian

This week was much better than the last week. I am excited but also a little sad about the transfer news that we received on Sunday. I am sad that I have to leave Forsyth, but I know that I am supposed to be in Clinton at this time for however long that I may be there. I love getting transferred because I  get to see most of the mission and the beauty of Montana and Wyoming. The only issue that I have is that I dont really get to connect with the people in the area. It is hard to come into an area and then leave 6 weeks later. But I think that it is okay for me to get transferred because I think it would be really hard for me to leave. It kind of reminds me of the Shepherd ward, I stayed there for more than 6 weeks and it was pretty hard for me to leave. That ward will always stay near and dear to my heart. But I know that I am supposed to be in Clinton at this time of my mission and my heart should be there, and it will be. 

Something that happened this week was pretty cool. While I was on the exchanges with the zone leaders. We were tracting and we knocked on this door and the lady opened the door immediatly and she was super excited to see us. Her story goes like this, her boss is a member and works in Lewistown. Her boss keeps talking with her about the gospel and she is very interested. She wants to become a member but her husband does not approve. She is a super solid person and she is so ready to become a member. that was one of the coolest experience tracting that I have ever had. 

This Sunday was AMAZING! We usually have 30-40 people coming to church but this last week we had the M, family, Who are some less actives that we have been working with, Come to church! They filled up two benches! We were so excited for them and they said that they planned to come every week from now on. I am so excited for them, all we have been doing is reading the book of mormon with them and then their countenance has changed so much since we started working with them. It is amazing what the book of mormon can do to people. 

P.S. I also got my selfie stick at the mission home. President Mecham came up to me and handed it to me and said that the mission home opened it. Because they thought that it was for the mission home and so since they opened it, it could not be forwarded to me but at least I got it . 

I hope your week was good as well 
-Elder Daniels

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