Monday, May 25, 2015

cool experiences

hello family,

This week had a lot of cool experiences in the mission. Ill share a few of them. On tuesday, in the morning we got a call from one of our investigators and they asked us if we had a dinner for the day. We already had a dinner scheduled with a member, but nobody ever calls us and asks if we have a dinner, so we said that we could have dinner with them and then we called our member dinner appointment and moved the dinner earlier. 

Probably the coolest experience was on Sunday. After church, one of the youth was getting ordained to a teacher and we were able to stand in the circle. the coolest thing  there was his friend that was a priest with the aaronic priesthood that ordained him. it was awesome because  you could feel the spirit so strong. the friend that ordained him. was overcome with the spirit so much that he couldn't hold back the tears of joy.

After the ordination we were asked to go and give a blessing to a sick 1 year old. The blessing was one of coolest, as soon as the blessing started she was still as could be,and we got a text a little later saying that she was going way better since she got the blessing. during the blessing some of the words were, "we bless you that you may be still." it was pretty cool. 

I definitely felt the spirit a lot during the week. Especially during the miracles. I hope that your week was good and that you have a good week this week as well. 

P.S. we also hiked up to the M for the college today for preparation day here is a picture

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