Monday, May 11, 2015

lots of blessings

Hello family,

This week was pretty cool. Our schedule every night after dinner was packed with lessons.(which in this area is REALLY unusual) Tuesday was the most packed day. After dinner on Tuesday we had a lesson with a new investigator named S. We met with her last week, and this week we planned to go over and talk about the plan of salvation. But when she answered the door, she said that she wanted to cancel the lesson because she was not feeling very well. We asked her if she remembered when we talked about the priesthood. She replied, "yes." So we continued to talk to her about a priesthood blessing and that she could get one if she so desires. She said that she would like one. The only problem was that she was a single lady and we are not supposed to go into her house with her. So we got a chair on her porch and we proceeded to give her a blessing on her porch out in the open. It was a really cool experience because after the blessing, She expressed that she felt much better and she was starting to cry a little bit. We think that she felt the spirit. 

After we finished the blessing we went over to E. house to teach his family. E. is the boy that we have been working with for a while and he came to church once. When we walked into his house. His dad, said that he was in a bit of pain. So we asked if he would like to receive a blessing for the first time. We talked about the basics of a blessing and he accepted. So we proceeded to give another blessing to him. After the blessing was finished, he said that he felt calm. His son,  said that he seemed to be "energized". The funny thing was, is that we could see it as well. 

The other cool thing that happened this week was on Saturday. Saturday afternoon, we went up to seeley lake to go and see T. who is on date for baptism. When we got there she said that she was going through a hard time fairly recently and we again asked her if she would like a blessing and she

said yes. It was a good blessing as well. She definitely felt the spirit. We asked her after the blessing how she felt about the church and the truthfulness of it. Her exact words were, "I know that it is true." We were so excited for her that she finally got an answer to her prayers! She is super solid and so ready to be baptized!

We gave a lot of blessing this week. I think it was a total of about 5. We are supposed to not solicit blessings. So I have been thinking a lot lately where to draw the line is for soliciting blessings. We both talked about it together and we couldn't come up with an answer. So when we were in seeley lake, we stay at the branch mission leaders cabin with him (he used to be a mission president) we always ask him any kind of doctrinal question that we have and we have not been able to stump him yet. Somebody in my first area asked me if god was a sinner? and I didn't know the answer, i'd 
only been out for about 3 weeks. So when I met brother Hill(who is the branch mission leader) I asked him that very question and I thought I had him stumped. But he thought about it for a while and answered me back with a scripture in the bible. Now I know the answer to that question. But anyways, off topic, I asked him about where the line is for soliciting blessings. He said, "if you are so prompted by the spirit to ask if they want one, then it is okay. but it is not okay if you ask everyone that you think might need one. It should always be done by the spirit." 

Well that was my week. There might be another email sometime during the week to confirm the facetime for mothers day. 

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