Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Helping the PD

Hello family,

This week was really cool. On Tuesday we got to help out the Missoula PD for a couple hours. We got together with the other elders in Missoula and we were asked by the zone leaders to wear our proselyting clothes. The service project was moving 300 file boxes (that weighed 20 pounds a piece) up the basement across the street and down into another building. It was pretty hard after a while. the assistant chief of police that was supervising the service project made the comment, "Well I hope the news doesn't see this and think that the feds are taking files." haha! also, while I was taking 4 boxes on a dolly across the street, there was a guy that saw me and he yelled at me and asked, "hey! are those my files?!?!?!?" It was pretty funny. 

S.  is loving church. I think that she is going to be baptized within the year. 

Anyway, that was my week. Itwas pretty fun. We also got the transfer news and I am staying in Clinton and Elder Rowley is leaving and my new companion is the district leader and he is coming from Gillette. His name is Elder Hubbard. 

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