Wednesday, July 15, 2015

slow week

Hey guys,

This week was a pretty slow week for us. We have been in the process
finding a new place to move into. We spent one day cleaning up the
apartment and packing all of our stuff into our suitcases so it can be
easier to move everything when the time comes.

We have been trying to figure out what the best thing to do between 1
and 4 in the afternoon. We dont have very much success during that
time but we make the most of it. After dinner on Wednesday we tried to
go tracting down one street and everyone that week talked to on that
street was a Jehovah witness. We talked to one guy who was really nice
and Elder Hubbard asked him what the beliefs and such of the Jehovah
witness church. The guy said, "huh, funny you would ask that." he then
proceeds to pull out from behind his back a booklet with about 100
pages that is titled, "what does the bible really teach?" We looked at
it briefly and put it away because some of the stuff that they teach
is somewhat correct but not all of the way. But
at least we know some of their beliefs when we tract into one again.
one thing that is interesting is that they are not allowed to take
anything from any other churches or they will be disfellowshipped and
excommunicated. We also met a less active member that wants his
name taken off of the church records, which is really sad to hear.

On thursday we had our housing inspection and we passed because it was
basically spotless because we are moving soon. Then on Friday we had
our first interviews with president Wadsworth. He is a really good
guy. He is also different from president Mecham personality wise. But
I like him already. Elder Hubbard thought that nobody would beat his
old mission president in the Rapid City Mission. But when he walked
out of his interview and we got in the truck and went home. He could
not stop talking about  him and he said that president Wadsworth was
the best mission president by far.

Anyways, this week was a pretty slow week and we did not have much
stuff going on.

have a good week,

Elder McKade Daniels

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