Monday, July 6, 2015

Intense week

howdy y'all!

This week was a pretty intense week. We were so busy! On Monday we had exchanges with the zone leaders. The exchange was really short and it only lasted for over night. During the exchange however, Elder Hubbard and the other zone leader knocked on three doors in the morning and they got three new investgators for us! Another thing that happened on the exchanges is that S. got put on a baptismal date!!! When I heard that I was super excited! The best part about it is that the date is still within this transfer! 

With all of the people that they had found on the exchange, We had return appointments with them on Wednesday. One of the people that they found, her name was C. When we went back to teach her, her boyfriend answered the door and he was pretty rude. he told us, "I thought I told you to never come back!" We basically said in reply, " hey man, we are not teaching you or here to see you. is C. here?" he said, "no, and she is not interested." he got so frustrated at us that he wouldn't even shake our hands when we left. We were pretty upset about the whole situation because I dont like it a whole lot when the husband/boyfriend makes the choice for their spouse. It makes me want to say sometimes, "how do you know if she is not interested?" but as we were walking around after that whole scenario, a lady drove up next to us and said, "HEY!!! I have been looking for missionaries forever and I finally found you!" She is not a member but she loves the missionaries and she said that she wants us over to come and teach her and she would feed us as well. Thats a tender mercy of the lord if i've ever seen one! Needles to say, that made our day and we went home! 

On Thursday, we had dinner with a member and the dinner was fantastic! All of it was home made and we even had fresh milk out of one of their cows! I have never had actual milk ( the store bought milk, after all the stuff they do to it, isnt REAL milk anymore. Its just like sugar and water) that cows milk is probably the best thing that I have every drank. It is so rich and it tastes so real! It was a good day. 

On Friday we went up to seeley lake and we taught T. Daniels again. It was a really good lesson. We taught about the commandments and it was really simple to teach but we made more out of it. After the lesson we also had another lesson set up with a part member family and we didnt know where they lived, so we got directions from the branch mission leader. We followed the directions exactly, but we ended up miles into the forest. One of the roads that we had to go on started out like a normal dirt road. But as soon as we got into the forest, the road turned into steep grades and pretty rocky! It was pretty fun, because I like driving on backroads like that. But we realized that they most likely did not live up that road, so we turned around when we could and called the branch mission leader and he realized that his first direction was wrong. But we eventually found it. 

It was a really good week this week, we are finding and teaching a lot of people. I hope that all of your week was good as well. 
Elder Daniels

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