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This week was pretty insane. We had a lot of cool things happen. On Monday,
after preparation day, I went on exchanges with elder Sorensen in Hamilton.
elder Sorensen is from Lyman, he knows almost all moms side of the family.
So we are pretty good friends. During the start of the exchange a HUGE wind
storm came into town and power lines
were torn down and trees were ripped out of the ground! The best part was
everyone was advised to be inside, but we were out in it. I didn't get to
witness trees falling down though, bummer... here are some newspaper
articles attached. The exchange ended the next day.

On thursday we met with an investigator. He is not progressing
very well but he has been reading the book of mormon and he is already in
Mosiah. as we were talking with him, He randomly said that he was thinking
really hard about getting baptized in September. The funny thing was that
we had never invited him to be baptized in the first place. So he might get
baptized in September sometime.

Later that evening we taught a new member lesson to one of our recent
converts. We were on the lesson about chastity. Teaching the law of
chastity can be really awkward sometimes. Especially teaching it to some
girls that are about the same age that we are (which is what happened in
this lesson) but we kept the lesson really light, and we were cracking
jokes while teaching the lesson to where it was not awkward. But it was
probably the easiest chastity lesson that I Have ever taught on my mission.

Saturday was a really interesting day. We got a random text from one of our
potential investgators which said, " hey fellas, we want to be taught, When
are you free to come and teach us?" So we told him Sunday. (the next day,
yesterday) he said, "sure, We would like to fee you as well" So we got our
elders quorum president to come with us. Because he lived in Pinesdale
where we have a worthy mechizedek priesthood holder with us. The
lesson with him the next day was really powerful. At the beginning of the
lesson,he told us, "Alright, teach us how to be mormon." their family is
now learning the gospel and about 7 of them will be baptized at some point.
but they need to be interviewed by a general authority since they are from
Pinesdale. A town thats calls itself   Apostilic United brotherhood group.

The last thing that was crazy this week was yesterday. It is almost the
same story as the Mc family in my last area. When church was over we could
have went home but I felt like we should take another walk through the
church before we head home for lunch. On the way through the church one of
our other recent converts stopped us in the hall and asked us if we had any
open time today to come over to their house because his wife wanted to have
a baptismal interview the same day. She had already taken all of the lesson
but she was dropped a couple months ago. So at this time she was a former
investigator. We then set up a time to come by and then we went home
stunned. We were saying to each other, "ummmm,....what just happened!!!!"
So we called the district leader in Hamilton and he was available to give
her an interview. He gave her the interview and she passed! So we then set
a date for the baptism on september 1st  (which
is the day before transfers on Tuesday.) it was pretty crazy because I
followed a prompting and we ended up getting somebody else that is going to
be baptized in two weekends!!!!

Anyways, this week was full of awesome things. have a good week!

Elder  Daniels

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