Friday, August 14, 2015

ice cream

Hey guys,

This week was pretty good. We had a lot of stuff going on this week.
We had transfers on Wednesday and since I didn't have to go to Helena,
I just left with my companion when we got to the stake center. We got
to Corvallis and I unpacked and then we tried to go out and figure out
what to do because elder Parker did not know when I was going to get
there (even though I was in the same zone.) on Friday we had our
Pioneer Day celebration as a ward. (Yes, they do celebrate Pioneer Day
outside of Utah.) it was really fun. We made homemade rootbeer, which
was really good. We also made icecream with and old fashioned hand
cranked ice cream maker. That was super good, the only downside was
that we could only grab one scoop with a spoon because the second
scoop would be double dipping. So I came up with the idea that I would
use one spoon to scoop and then put it on the other spoon that I eat
off of. It was pretty smart. Then elder Parker grabbed plastic water
bottle and cut the top off so he had a makeshift cup to eat out of.
Once he figured it out, all of the kids started running over with
water bottles to have us cut the tops off so they could have a cup to
eat out of. It was a fun day.

Since I have been in Corvallis we have been riding our bikes a lot.
Corvallis is a pretty small town and so there is not a lot of places
to drive to, you can pretty much get anywhere on a bike. On Sunday we
met with the family who are getting baptized on the 1st. They
live almost in pinesdale but right outside. 6 of them are getting
baptized. We had all of their jumpsuits for them. We brought them and
had them try them on to see if they would all fit. They all did. Then
we had the district leader, elder ward, come up as well to fill out
the baptismal membership record sheets since they had already been
interviewed by a general authority. (People that are from pinesdale
that are coming into the LDS church have to be interviewed by a
general authority.) elder ward wanted to do a small interview for them
as well. He went around the room and asked if they were ready to be
baptized and then he asked why. When he got to the last two he asked
if they were ready to be baptized. They said yes. Then he was about to
ask them why, but he stopped and sat there for a few seconds and
looked as though he was pondering for a minute. He then turned to the
dad and asked if he could take both of the children outside for a
minute so that he could talk to them and interview them more. The dad
said sure. It was a really interesting situation. You could tell that
the spirit was there in the house because it was probably a revelation
from the spirit. But they all passed and we finished the paperwork for
each person and it took forever! Those papers take so long to fill out
because they have to be done perfectly. We ended up getting home way
late because of it, but it was worth the time because we would have
had to fill them out sometime.  I am so excited to see them get

That was my week so far.

Elder McKade Daniels

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