Friday, August 14, 2015

Lessons scheduled

Hey family,

this week was somewhat slower than the past few weeks. we has a lesson
with one of our recent converts Barbara. not much to say about her
except she is doing really well. one of the other lessons however on
Wednesday night was a pretty difficult one. one of our investigators
we finally met with after a while and she had some pretty interesting
questions like, "i thought that the gospel was not on the earth
anymore when Adam and eve were cast out of the garden?" anyways, they
were really interesting questions that took some time to answer, she
had absolutely no reason why there was a need for the restoration or
any restoration of any kind. It was a pretty tough lesson.

On Thursday, we had our weekly correlation meeting with the ward
mission leader and all of the ward missionaries. it was a pretty rough
correlation meeting because the ward mission leader asked the same
exact questions about the same people for the past few weeks. It was
kind of getting annoying this week. During the correlation meeting we
were having a text conversation with an investigator that we were
supposed to be having a lesson with at 8 o' clock that same night. But
he decided to cancel the lesson 15 minutes before it was supposed to
happen. Wegot pretty frustrated because we had a member planned to
come to that lesson and he was already halfway to the church when we
called to tell him that it cancelled. I dont like it when people
cancel right before the lesson.

Friday was a pretty cool day though. We didnt have much to do in the
morning so we went over to the church to do some facebook, and our
online investgator was on as well so we set up a skype lesson at 1.
The skype lesson was kind of weird. She is from Macedonia and she is
really interested in the church, the only problem is that the nearest
church for her is 4 hours away and so we teach her over skype. When we
taught here at 1, it was just past 9 PM where she lived. She has a
lesson scheduled with the missionaries in the next week or two though,
So we might not be teaching her anymore since she finally got in
contact with some missionaries.

We had a lot of lessons scheduled on Friday. We went and stopped by
this less active lady, her husband was investgating the church for a
while but suddenly stopped, she said that she sometimes gets bombarded
with questions from him about the church that she cant fully answer
because she does not know. So we simply answered the questions that
she had from him.  Then we had a lesson after dinner with an
investgator from a recent convert family from Pinesdale. she is ready
to be baptized but her only hangup is whether or not Thomas S. Monson
is the true prophet or not. So we taught to her needs and we showed
her portions of the video, "on the lords errand." at one point in the
lesson we stopped and asked her if she could feel the spirit in the
room. She replied yes. She felt the spirit for the rest of the lesson
and even prayed at the end as well. I think this lesson was really
influential for her conversion.

Well that was my week, it was slower than usual but we had some really
good lessons.

Elder McKade Daniels

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