Friday, August 14, 2015

teaching lessons

Hey everyone,

this week was really good. we had a lot of things going on. district
meeting on wednesday was super cool. all we did was have a few role
plays where we practiced teaching to their needs,(a role play is where
you practice teaching like you are in a real situation) even when we
had a lesson that we planned to teach. i was in both of them. the
first one, i was the investigator and its the first time meeting with
the missionaries. usually they would have taught the restoration first
but the catch was that my story gave them the opportunity to teach the
plan of salvation instead. my story went something like this (and i
had to act it out with as much expression and emotion as i could), "i
wanted you to come back to my house today because ive been going
through a hard time the past few weeks. i dont know how much longer i
can stand living with myself because i felt so bad." the sisters asked
why i felt so bad and i proceeded to tell them, "you know, a few weeks
ago i was at a party with my buddy, and we were partying pretty hard.
after the party, me and my friend left and i was pretty drunk. as we
were on the way home we were broadsided by a drowsy driver and i ended
up living, and my buddy passed on. i just feel like i was the one who
caused his death because i was the one driving. i want to know how i
can get ride of the guilt that i have."  then the sisters taught a
little bit about the plan of salvation and testified. then elder
Sorenson, (who told me that that was my situation) stopped the role
play and waited for a little bit and said, "can you feel the spirit in
this room?"  to be quite honest, the spirit in the room was so strong
that there was no denying it, and it almost literally felt like the
room was electrified. the second role play that i was in, i was
teaching this time. the situation was about the same as the last role
play. needless to say, it was the best district meeting by far.

we also had the baptism of the G family. there were six of them
that were able to be baptized it was awesome! the baptism took 2
hours. it was amazing to see everyone get baptized. we were able to be
the witnesses for the baptisms. there were two missionaries that drove
up from Bozeman that baptized some of them. and then there was another
missionary that got off his mission 6 months ago and he came up all
the way from utah to be at the baptism. it was cool to see a bunch of
people at the baptism. there was even an apostle at the baptism! BUT
the apostle was from the pinesdale FLDS group, so he was not really an
apostle. haha! that was just a title he held in their church.

we went hiking this morning at 5 am with the district to see the sun
rise. it was really cool. the sun was red because of the fires.

Elder McKade Daniels

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