Monday, October 5, 2015

Busiest week 9/14/2015

Hey everyone,
This week was probably one of the busiest weeks that I have had while on the mission.
Nothing  really interesting happened until Wednesday. We did not have district meeting on Wednesday morning because we were going to have a zone training the next day on Thursday. But we were called by the zone leaders to come to the Hamilton  building. We did not know why, but we went anyways. when we showed up, the zone leaders and the Blodgett canyon sisters were there as well. We all went inside and the zone leaders proceeded to tell us that they had some council from the MLC that they went to the day previous. MLC is an acronym for mission leadership council. its where all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders in the mission meet in one place with the assistants to the president as well as President Wadsworth and talk about stuff that President Wadsworth would like to see happen in the mission. apparently this last MLC, they talked about how the elders in the mission are not giving enough blessings to others and not utilizing the power of the priesthood in our missionary work. So the zone leaders asked if the sisters would like to receive a blessing. Everyone got a blessing. 
We went to go and see J. who we have been teaching for a while. The only thing is that there has not been much progression with him. So we were going to go over there one last time because , if he was not going to let us talk then we were going to drop him. but when we went over he talked to us outside (as usual) and he proceeded to tell us that it was a bad time. and he also said (word for word), "you know what gentlemen. I am getting tired of all of this worldly stuff that is going on, I want to talk about religion and only religion now...." in my head I was like, "NO WAY! Just  is giving up on worldly things! hallelujah!!!" So we have an appointment tonight.
Friday we had a lesson with C. it was another one of those spiritual lessons. the spirit was so strong in
the lesson. We left the lesson feeling really good, it was on our minds for the rest of the night. then on Sunday, her mom found us and asked, "I don't know what you boys did in that lesson? 
but C. is no longer saying, 'Its not if, but when I get baptized'?" We were very excited. after the lesson that we had a few days ago, We asked if she would like a blessing because she had never had one before. So we scheduled to do it after church yesterday. After church we gave her a blessing and then she left. but then a little while later she came and found us again and told us, " I would like to set a date." we were ecstatic! I couldn't believe what just happened! So now we are getting with president Wadsworth to have her get interviewed. then she will be interviewed with a general authority afterwards. So hopefully I will be able to come to the baptism. 

Well, that was my amazingly super awesome week of miracles! have a good week!

Also, we went to Subway for lunch one day and they had these chips! It seems like they might be a little weird but they are really good. The taste like the same thing but in the style of chip

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