Monday, October 5, 2015

flu Week and confrence10/2015




Elder Daniels


On Oct 5, 2015,



This week has been an interesting week as well as a very eventful week! 










. To start it all off, we got our flu shots on Saturday (the 26th)

The rest of our day was pretty normal, we had dinner with a member

family. But dinner had to go a little quick because the mom and the

daughters were going to go to the church to watch the general women's

session of conference. We stayed a little longer at their home because

we new that it was going to be broadcast just like the priesthood

session. For part of our lesson that we shared with them, we watched

the beginning few minutes of the women's conference. It  is cool now

that the women's session and the priesthood session are broadcast like

all the other sessions of conference. I hope that all of you who watch

the women's session all the way through enjoyed it because we only

watched the first speaker. I thought that it was cool that they

actually showed videos during the conference as well. The rest of the

night after dinner was pretty slow. We didn't know what to do, so we

went over to the church and the women's session was just getting over

and they were cleaning up all of the pie and dessert that they had.

They graciously gave us some of the leftovers.



Sunday is always a very busy day! I woke up on Sunday and I was not

feeling very well. It seemed like I had come down with something.

(ironically after I got my flu shot the day before) church was pretty

good. We went to priesthood for the 3rd hour and guess who was

teaching the lesson! Brother Got, our recent convert! It's was a really

good lesson. after church, Z. (one of our investigators that showed

up to church) asked if we could teach him one of the lessons. He

proceeded to tell us that he would like to continue the lessons just

by himself without his girlfriend (who is a member.) He knows that he

wants to take the lessons for himself. He also expressed to us that he

feels like he can open up more to us without anybody else there. We

are so excited for him, he is progressing very well. We dont know

when, but he will definitely be baptized soon. We met with the W.

family and their kids were not home, so we got the chance to ask them

individually if they have any questions, which they did. Brother

W. asked a question about polygamy and why it is discontinued. We

answered the question with a passage of scripture in Jacob 2:27,30

which says, "Wherefore, my brethren, hear me, and hearken to the word

of the Lord: For there shall not any man among you have save it be one

wife; and concubines he shall have none;...30 For if I will, saith the

Lord of Hosts, raise up seed unto me, I will command my people;

otherwise they shall hearken unto these things." We explained that it

is something that was done in the past, but since God has commanded us

not to do it at this time, We listen to what he said. He understands

it now. 

There were many other things that we did on Sunday, but there

was nothing else that stuck out to be important to write.


Monday was a normal preparation day schedule. The only difference was

that I was getting worse from my sickness. We went to the store to get

some medicine for me and it helped a little bit. At the end of our

night we went to the C. family's home because they invited us to

come over for family home evening. The only problem was that it did

not turn out like the way that it was planned. So we just shared what

we had planned for the lesson and it turned out to be just what they

wanted to hear. It was a good way to end the night.

Tuesday was probably the worst day that I have had on my mission. We

had our apartment inspection in the morning (which was not the worst

part). Then we had all of our appointments fall through and we had

nothing to do today. When dinner came around, we went to the J

 to have dinner with them. Dinner was

amazing!!! Sister J. made breakfast for dinner! Her pancakes that

she made were super thick, the bacon was sliced thick, everything was

amazing! I ate just enough to get myself almost full. When we sat down

for the lesson. We were just talking and I was not feeling very well.

I waited for a while, thinking that I could wait till after we left.

But I couldn't wait any longer and so I asked sister J. if It's could

use the restroom. (you can probably see where this is going to end up)

needless to say as soon as I got into the bathroom, I found the toilet

and everything came back out the way it came in. While I was in the

bathroom, they were all wondering what was taking me so long. Elder

Grizzle was joking around with them and said, "maybe he fell in..."

When I walked out, elder Grizzle asked me if I was okay. Me thinking

that they heard me in the bathroom, I told him, "yeah, I threw up..."

*but the thing is that they never heard me throw up* and elder Grizzle

looked at me with the biggest face of astonishment! He couldn't

believe that I just did that in a members home! Everyone knew that I

was sick when we had dinner, and elder Grizzle looked at me and said

that we were going to go home for the rest of the night. But I told

him that I was fine, and we went and did missionary work the rest of

the night like nothing had happened. I've never been sick on my

mission until now. At least I have been to the J. home a few

times to where they knew me. It would have been really bad if it was

my first time being there and that was their first impression of me.

But I am over it now, elder Grizzle is starting to get it though.

On Thursday we went to Darby to help the sisters with their weekly

planning. We didn't pack anything for lunch, so we went to this

restaurant called "Montana cafe" It was really good food. Elder

Grizzle got this burger that was huge! **now see if you can imagine

this since we did not get a picture of it** its a normal bacon

cheeseburger. But instead of the normal buns on the top and the

bottom, its two grilled cheese sandwiches! from bottom to top:

grilled cheese sandwich,burger, lettuce, tomato, sauces, pickles,

bacon, topped with another grilled cheese sandwich. It was probably

really bad for your health, but it looked amazing!

General conference was amazing! I took so many notes from all of the

speakers. For some reason I've noticed that every time that we have a

70 come to the mission to speak to us, they seem to be one of the

speakers in the next general conference! Last October we had elder

Carlos A. Godoy come to the mission and then he spoke in the October

conference. then we also had Elder W. Craig Zwick come in march to our

mission, then he spoke in the April conference this year. Then we had

Elder James B. Martino come a few months ago, and he spoke in this

last conference.  I feel so bad for President Monson, It was hard to

watch him struggle giving his speech right near the end. I hope he has

a few more conferences under his belt.

We went Hiking this morning up the Blodgett Canyon Overlook. It was a

really beautiful hike. It was dark when we were hiking up. But when we

got to the top, it was a really nice sunset here are some pictures of

the hike.

I know my letter has been really long this week, but I think that I

wrote everything that I wanted to write. I hope you enjoy my letter

this week and it did not gross you out too much.















Elder Daniels

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