Monday, October 12, 2015

Transfer to Cut Bank

Good morning everyone! 

This week has been crazy. on Wednesday we had a our last district meeting for the transfer. We all took a picture with the whole district which I guess it is something that everyone does. They always take a funny picture too...

We then went out and ate lunch together. 

Later that night we went over to the A .family to finish the commandments but we didnt get them done so we were going to go back to their house on Sunday. 

On Friday we had a lesson with C. it was an interesting lesson because when C. showed up to the 
church. She had another guy in the car as well. We thought that it was her boyfriend and he was going 
to stop her progression towards baptism. But we later learned that while C. was heading over to the church, she saw this guy on the side of the road and she said that she felt that she should pick him up. So she did, and she brought him to her lesson with us. and the interesting thing is, he was  interested in what we had to say. He said that he was going to come to church that next sunday. and that next sunday, He was at church and he loved it and had a lot of questions. so I guess that it all turned out that C. had a missionary moment and she gave us somebody else to teach. 

On Saturday we woke up early in the morning to meet at the church with most of the elders quorum. We were going to go with all of them and go into the woods and get some wood for a firewood service project. We had 7 trailers to put all the wood on. The road up into the mountains was pretty crazy, it was super steep and we stopped at the top of the mountain and we started cutting logs and rolling them down the mountain to the trailers. Some of the Logs were pretty heavy but it was super fun.
We got about 20 cords of wood. Which is about 6 trailer loads. but when we were coming back down out of the woods, one of the trailers got a flat tire and we had to load it onto the other trailer that was empty. We were pretty tired at the end of the service project. 

Also, I am getting transferred. I am sad to leave Corvallis. I love the people here. I am going to miss everyone that I met and worked with. But I know that I will be back someday. I am headed to cutbank Montana. I'm going to be with elder masauo he is from Micronesia. 

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