Monday, November 2, 2015

McDonalds lesssons and DQ! I love shakes!

Hey everyone!

This week was a better week than last week. I didn't really know the
area when I got into Cutbank, but now I have been here for a week and
a half and I am starting to know the area. The first of the week was
pretty slow. Wednesday was when the work started to pick up for the
week. We went tracting on Tuesday night and we tracted into this guy
that told us to come back and see him the next day. So we went back on
Wednesday at the time he told us to come back and he walked right
outside and told us that he was going to take us to McDonalds. He said
that the missionaries stopped by a while back and he said that he
usually takes them out to McDonalds and meets there because his house
is a mess. So long story short, we went over to McDonalds and he
bought us some shakes and we sat down and we talked with him. He has
heard pretty much everything about "the mormons" from the missionaries
and he loves what we are doing. He then asked us if we would be able
to listen to his presentation of his buisness that he just started. So
we listened to him. The business was pretty cool I thought. He
basically works his own hours, and whatever he sells he gets money in
1 oz gold bars on a card and he can trade it for money or they just
put the money on his mastercard. but he gets a better deal when he
gets the gold instead of the money because gold has more value than
the dollar. he said in one day he made almost 500 dollars. I dont
quite understand it, but it sounds interesting.

After That lesson that we had with him, we were supposed to go to
dinner but the member was not home and he texted us a couple hours
later saying that he was never going to be home. After our dinner that
we had at home, we got ready and packed up our stuff because the zone
leaders told us that we were going to stay the night in Conrad with
some other elders. So after we packed we headed out on the road to
conrad and got their about an hour later. you see, on the highline
(which is basically highway 2 on the east side of montana) the time
between each town is AT LEAST an hour or more. We stayed the night at
their apartment and then we all got up at 4 in the morning to get
ready for the day and go down to great falls to meet up with the rest
of the zone at 6:30. Then we Carpooled with the zone all the way to
Helena where we had a Mission leadership training from 9am-4pm. It was
a very long meeting. We talked a lot about the sabbath day observance
and other things of the like. One thing that President Wadsworth
mentioned in the meeting was that elder holland said at one time that,
"this church is only one generation away from extinction" That phrase
got me pondering for a little while. During the Mission Leadership
Training we had a breakout session where we got together as zones and
we had a Zone Leadership Training meeting. It was a really spiritual
meeting for me. One of the experiences that I had in the meeting is as
follows. There was a discussion going on by some of the sisters.
During their discussion, I had this phrase of scripture come into my
mind. I shrugged off the Prompting and kept listening to the
discussion. Not even 10 seconds later the same phrase of scripture
came into my mind, so I new that it was from the spirit and I was not
thinking of it myself and I looked it up and as soon as I found it, I
raised my hand and I shared the scripture with everyone and It really
shed some light on the subject. I can testify that the spirit works in
many ways, and one of those ways is promptings. If we heed to the
promptings of the spirit, we will be blessed as well as be a blessing
to other people. Anyways, after the meeting ended, we headed back to
great falls and then went to lunch at DQ because we get it there for
free. I got it a lot when I served in great falls over a year ago. But
after dinner we had to drive all the way back home which was about 2
hours. we didn't get home till 9 at night. So by this time I had
already been up for 17-18 hours and only running on less than 5 hours
of sleep Wednesday night. You can imagine that I was pretty tired.

On friday, We got a call from the second counselor in the Branch
presidency. He was calling because he wanted to know if I could speak
in church the next sunday. He wanted me to speak on the sabbath day
using one of the talks from last general conference. So I said I
would. On sunday, My talk went pretty well. He asked if I would speak
for about 10-15 minutes, but I ended up talking for about 30 or more.
I was pretty bold in my talk as well. I mainly focused my talk on the
talk by elder M. Russell Ballard called, "God Is At The Helm" In that
talk, Elder Ballard was pretty bold and straightforward. As I was
Preparing my talk, I remembered that President wadsworth said a few
things about sabbath day observance. So I took portions of his
discussion as well. Everyone loved my talk. I think they gave me the
assignment of me speaking in church so that I could tell everything
about myself before I gave my talk so that everyone could know who I
was. But when I got up to give my talk, I did the exact opposite. I
just taught straight doctrine and ended my talk. I have found
throughout the course of my mission that the best talks are the ones
that teach straight doctrine and truth.

After church we went over to the previous branch presidents house (he
was only branch president for about a month and then moved). He said
that he had some boxes that he didn't need. so he gave them to us
because we were going to give them to an investigator that said that
they were looking for some boxes so they could move. We showed up and
we got way more boxes than expected. The investigator(i dont remember
his name) thanked us for the boxes and he said that it was going to
get pretty cold in the next few weeks. he also said that he had some
extra parkas that he owned and he would give them to us for free so we
could stay warm because cutbank gets pretty cold.

well that was my week and I hope that the work progresses even more
because right now the work is kinda in a drought and there is not too
much people to teach.

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