Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Transfer has gone so fast!

Hey everyone,

This week was a very busy week. We ended up traveling a lot to different areas. We did a lot of service as well because we have had a lot of snow storms lately. On Monday, after preparation day was over, we walked outside and we had about 6 inches of snow on the ground when earlier in the day we had nothing! Our car was covered with snow! 
So the next day we needed to get some shovels to do some service. So we called up the E. and it turns out that they were going to call us because they didn't know how they were going to shovel all that snow. So it all worked out where we shoveled their driveway and walkways for them and we got to take their shovels for the day and do some service. God works in mysterious ways; let me tell ya!

While we were in browning the same day, we met this guy named K. K. is an interesting character. The elders had previously met with him before and Elder Masauo told me that he was saying that he is an apostle. So I thought that I was going to be in for a ride. But when we met with him, he was not saying that he was an apostle anymore. He was saying that he is the prophet! I thought it was really interesting and I wanted to see his reasoning for it because I was curious, so I let him keep talking for a few minutes.  The odd thing was, he was talking about (in other words) the apostasy and how "the body of Christ has been changed by man." He was also talking about the restoration (in other words) how "the world is going to be cleansed by god and when the world is cleansed, then god is going to join the body of Christ back together. and that is going to happen soon, so get ready" The odd thing about everything that he was saying was that pretty much almost all of what he was saying was true. besides the fact that he said he was the prophet and that the restoration of the church was going to happen soon. I would say he was about 95% true with everything he was saying. When he finished talking, I jumped in and told him, "You know, I really like some of the things that you said. I want to tell you that we are on our missions to testify about Jesus Christ as well as to tell people that the church, Or 'the body of Christ' as you called it, has been brought back. It has the same organization as Christ set up. It has a prophet, it has 12 apostles, and it has 70's the same way Christ set it up! This church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is the 'body of Christ' you are talking about. We are the only church that has the true priesthood of god, and we want to share that with you so that you do not have to look anymore. It is here, and it is here to stay." It was a really good doorstep lesson/testimony. He is really prepared and we are definitely going to go back and teach him. 

On Friday we went to browning again. The wind today was super bad. If you didn't know yet, The wind on northeastern part of Montana is really bad sometimes. The wind can get up to 50 mph, and the gusts can reach 80+ mph! today was one of those days! On the way to browning, a highway patrolman zoomed past us with lights and sirens going full bore. Upon arriving into browning, there was a semi that had flipped over while trying to turn a corner when a big gust of wind must have came and turned it on its side. I couldn't get a good picture of it. 
on the way back from browning, the wind was still bad and there was another semi that blew over, as well as a regular truck with a trailer. There was a lot of accidents having to do with trailers that day. 

On Saturday, we had to wake up at 5:30 to get ready to go to great falls for zone training. Cut Bank to great falls is about a 2 hour drive one way. we left at 6:30 to get there at 8:30. But I forgot that they changed the highway speed limit to 80 instead of 75. So we got there almost a half an hour earlier than expected. Then we had zone training, in which I gave a discussion on how I have seen gods hand in my mission. zone training lasted for 3 hours and then I got to drive the 1 1/2-2 hours back to Cut Bank. I was pretty tired that day. 

Then finally on Sunday we were assigned to give some talks in church. Elder Masauo spoke on service and I spoke on gratitude. So this week I had to prepare for my talk as well as the zone training discussion. 

It is Slowly starting to become more and more like winter. It is becoming colder and colder (mostly because of the wind), as well as this is the last week of the transfer! I cant believe how fast this transfer has gone! It is amazing how fast some transfers are and how slow they can be too, even though they are the same length of 6 weeks. Come to think of it, I only have 3 more transfers until the end of my mission. Its a mixed emotions kind of thing. 

have a good week!

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