Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Greetings from the coldest spot in the nation! 
This week was pretty slow, probably the slowest on the mission so far. The first few days of the week we were able to do some missionary work, but the latter part of the week elder Masauo was feeling pretty sick. So we ended up staying home from Wednesday until the present time. He said that he has felt sick for a while but it was worse this week.
On Monday we had our lesson with M. She is such a solid investigator, but all she needs to do is come to church and think about baptism. She accepts everything that we teach and she says she believes it all. She just needs to take that step of making time to come to church and to get baptized. Our lessons are always great discussions. I think we just need to be more patient. 

On Tuesday we went to browning because we had a lesson scheduled with D. We were supposed to get a big winter storm that was said to be pretty bad. We did get a little snow during the morning, but the worst part of the storm hit great falls and all of central and south Montana with massive amounts of snow up to 8 inches! I am actually surprised that It did not hit us at all. But We got a voicemail from the assistants to the whole mission saying that we should stay off the roads if at all possible and to use our best judgement and common sense during the transfers on Wednesday. Good thing we were not getting transferred! Anyways, the lesson with D was not the best lesson. He said that he was not feeling very well, and he said that he was "hungover". I remembered that he had said that sometimes during our lessons he was drunk, but we did not notice. But this time we noticed for sure. He was VERY out of it and groggy.

After our "lesson" with D (I say "lesson" because I don't know if he got anything that we said) we went and saw k. We showed up to his house and it was really cold outside, I'm sure that it was at most 0 degrees outside. He was about to not let us into his home because he had something in 15 minutes. We told him that we could share our message in 15 minutes. So he let us inside. We sat down and shared with him the restoration, he did not interrupt us until we got to the part of Joseph Smith. When he would interrupt us, he would go on some really long tangents where he would just babble on. (haha i just thought of Babylon with babble on because it sounds the same. I guess babbling on and on is something in babylon. haha JK!) Ive focused on not interrupting people when they are talking, but when we have a message to share in a short amount of time that they gave us, and they are not letting us share it because they are talking too much, I don't really have a choice and I have to interrupt them or else we were not accomplishing our purpose. But when we walked out of the house after the lesson, We were there for almost an hour! But I thought about the lesson for a while and I realized that we did in fact share our message in about 15 minutes total time throughout the hour. So I felt good about the lesson. The spirit was definitely present as well. It was a good lesson despite the interruptions.

Then from Wednesday until now, elder Masauo was feeling sicker than he has before. Some of the members that we had dinner with checked his blood sugar, and it was 405 when it should be somewhere around 150. So that probably explains part of the sickness. We have an appointment Tuesday the 1st (tomorrow) to see what is wrong.

During the time that we have stayed home, I have started to run out of things to do. I finished reading the Old testament the day after thanksgiving. Which, by the way, means that I have read the whole standard works of the church in one year. If you remember, I started reading the New Testament the day after thanksgiving last year when I had nothing to do because my companion (Elder Graham) sprained his ankle. After finishing the New Testament, I started the Doctrine and Covenants. Then I read the Pearl of Great Price, and then the Old Testiment, all while still reading the Book of Mormon at the same time. Ive come to know the scriptures more during the past year of reading them all. It was a pretty hard task to do, and it takes lots of dedication. But I know that it is possible to do. I accomplished  my goal to read all of the standard works on my mission. Not to mention that It was a year to the date! Now i've started to read the church handbook from cover to cover. Partly because I am running out of things to do while Elder Masauo is sick, as well as I want to know what the church's stance is on things because Ive gotten a lot of questions about things like that on my mission( especially during these changing times). Plus I get to know how the church works and everything. Then when I finish that, Ill probably start to read Jesus The Christ. Ive hated reading my whole life but now it doesn't bother me at all.

Im actually surprised that this letter was longer than I expected, I was expecting it to be pretty short because there was not much that happened this week. I hope I didn't bore you at all. I hope you all had a great thanksgiving and that you remembered all the things that you are grateful for,  and especially those things that you normally don't think about. I tried focus on those things that I normally don't think about. It got me pondering a lot! I got into a deep thinking mode for a while. Deep thinking really blows your mind sometimes! I want you to try it as well. You will be blown away at the simplest things that you have never thought about being grateful for. Anyways, I hope you have had a great thanksgiving holiday and a great week as well.

till next time,
Elder Daniels

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