Thursday, December 24, 2015

The people we meet

Seasons Greetings!

As you probably already know from all the letters that I write, My week was pretty good. This letter is going to be a pretty long one because a lot of things happened this week that I want to write about.

On Monday we had a zone preparation day in Great Falls. It was super fun, we played some Podball(which is a twist to the classic game of dodgeball. Its a mission made game) I drove the 1 hr 45 min to great falls after lunch and then after having our zone preparation day for 4 hours, we all had dinner with the stake president and his wife. We had a fun time playing the "christmas story pass around" game (or whatever it's called.) That took the rest of the night, then I had to drive back to Cutbank. I was pretty tired when we got home. I wasn't tired driving though, which was really good!

On Tuesday we went to Browning. We went to see D. who was (to no surprise) on another hangover. We didn't really teach him because there is no point in teaching something to someone who is not going to retain anything because they are drunk. After we left his home, we hurried over to T house for our lesson with her. T, is the person that we found last week that wants to be baptized. When we arrived there, we walked into the home (after knocking of course)and everyone had this look of astonishment on their face. When they saw us, they realized that they had forgot they had the lesson planned today. T, was not even there anyways. So we set up a return appointment for this next week.

After our dinner with the Ericksons the same day, We went tracting for the new initiative called "A Savior Is Born". There are two funny stories that I have from this. We tracted into this guy that said right from the get-go, "guys, I am a 'die-hard' catholic, so you are going to have to kill me to convert me." Then right at that moment, Elder Masauo jumped out from behind me towards the guy and said, "Do you believe in Jesus?!" It was pretty funny. The guy just said something like, "not interested guys. stay warm." We laughed about it for a while. Then a few houses later, we Tracted into a Jehovah's Witness lady. She was a very interesting lady. She was talking with us and she was asking us some weird off-topic questions such as, "do you believe in war?" I felt like she was trying to catch us in our words just like many of the people did to the prophets in the book of mormon. She proceeded to try and put us down by saying that we only do our missions for 2 years and that she does her's for life. Thats when I had enough and I spoke up and corrected her in the most polite way that I could summon. I said, "let me stop you right there. You are right, In a sense. Yes, we do this for two years. But for those two years we do this from the time we wake up, to the time that we go to bed. nothing else. We gave up our lives to do this all day! Then, after our two years are over, We do exactly what you say you are doing for the rest of your life, We continue to share the gospel while still having our lives." After I finished speaking, She had no other comment for a little bit. I could tell that the spirit was working on her pretty good. The spirit was testifying so strong from the testimony that I had given her. We then went to leave and I told her, "merry christmas!" (completely forgetting that I knew that they don't believe in any holidays because 'they are pagan') I then told her that I was sorry and that I forgot they dont believe in it. Then before we left again, I unintentionally said, "happy holidays" to her. Long story short, It was a very awkward situation. But thats why finding can be fun, you get some funny stories!

Then Wednesday we had district meeting in Shelby, I gave a discussion on our purpose as missionaries. The only problem was that the district leader forgot to give out the assignments until the night before. So I gave the discussion with very little preparation. It turned out to be a pretty good discussion. After district meeting, Us and the sisters went into the chapel so me and sister Stacey could practice a song for the Christmas zone conference this Thursday. Here is a little backstory, During the zone preparation day, Sister Stacey remembered that I could play the piano. She needed somebody to accompany her and she didnt know who. So I got roped into it. We practiced for a little bit and made our little arrangement of "o come all ye faithful", and then went home for lunch. Then later that night we got invited by one of our investigators to come to an advent service at her church (there was a dinner as well) so we went. The people there were really nice, They welcomed us. The service was interesting though. Everything was scripted in a little booklet that they passed out. All of the songs and what the pastor (who was a woman) had to say was in the booklet. It was very scripted.

Thursday and Friday we didn't do a whole lot because elder Masauo was not feeling very well again. But we went to dinner with some members in East Glacier. We got stuck behind a couple snow plows with their lights flashing most of the way back to Cut bank. Our heads were hurting a lot from the super bright lights flashing.

Then on Saturday we drove down to Great Falls in the morning for interviews with the mission president as well as going to stake conference after. Luckily we didn't have to drive all the way back to Cut Bank that night and back down to Great Falls in the morning for the Sunday session. We stayed at the zone leaders house for the night.

That was my week. It was pretty busy and pretty fun as well.

Happy holidays!

Elder Daniels

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