Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tracting for miles

Hello everyone! 

This week was pretty good. We had the doctors appointment in Shelby which went fairly well. The doctor didn't really know what was going on, But she thought that it might be pre-diabetes (which is what everyone else we told thought as well) He did some blood work and we are going back on the 15th to see whats up. After the appointment we drove back to Cut Bank and we went to go and see sister  and her husband who is not a member. We helped them clean out their freezer because they were getting a new one. While we were there the fridge guys showed up and it got really hectic so we left. 

Wednesday night We went tracting for a few hours walking down the highway towards Canada. We knocked on all of the houses that we passed by. We didn't find a whole lot of people nobody was really interested. We found this one lady that said she had been to every single church in town, but she had never been to ours because she was never invited. So needless to say, we invited her. (but she never showed up on Sunday) 

We went to Browning on Thursday and tried to see all of the investigators that we have there. Sadly, we met with none of them. But when we went to go see A, he was not home but Sister S (a less active) was there with her daughter. She told us that her daughter was not baptized yet and she was wondering what she needed to do to get her baptized. So we told her that she had to take the missionary lessons and get interviewed and come to church as well. So we were able to find a new investigator that is probably going to be pretty easy to teach and get baptized.

On Friday, we had a zone training in Great Falls. So we drove down early in the morning. From Cut bank to Great Falls it is about 1 hr 45 min drive one way. So after the 3 hour zone training, I drove back the 1 hr 45 minutes to Cut Bank. It was a long day for me.

On Saturday we went walking down the highway again. We started between mile marker 1 and 2 and then walked and tracted all of the houses between there and mile marker 4. So we walked about 6 miles today in the cold and tons of wind. Your probably wondering why we were walking for so long in that kind of weather. Well, we are going to be driving to great falls for Stake conference this next sunday as well as meeting for the Christmas zone conference. So we are going to try and use as little miles as possible. While keeping elder Masauo's health in good condition. He loves walking. After tracting, we went over to the church to go to the Christmas party for the branch. It was a pretty good Christmas party. There was a lot of food and we were pretty hungry. But we got loaded up with so much leftovers of turkey and mashed potatoes and ham that we probably wont be having to shop for the next week or two...

On sunday, We had a potluck at the Browning church after the meetings. Some of the food was leftovers from the Cut Bank Christmas party. But it was still good food. One lady made a cake that was pretty good. She then told us what was in the cake. Pinto beans!

That was my week this week, I hope all of you are enjoying the christmas season and remembering that christ is the reason for the season. 

Elder McKade Daniels

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