Thursday, January 28, 2016

Coolest somewhat neatest experience ever!

Howdy! Monday Jan 25 2016

This week had some ups and downs. Some really scary moments and some really amazing memorable ones as well. There was a bunch of miracles this week. I think that they are both worth sharing,  So here it goes!

Monday after preparation day I experienced probably the coolest thing on my mission. The story goes like this (it might help if you try to imagine this in your mind), after we finished our preparation day we got ready to go to the stake presidents house to have dinner with him and the whole zone and talk about missionary work stuff. Conrad got a ride with us. While we were driving to the stake presidents house, we were following behind everyone in a giant caravan as we would call it. But at one point in the journey, we were traveling downhill and we started to slow down so we could turn at the corner, we were a safe distance behind everyone. But as we (meaning just our car) tried to stop, we started slipping on a patch of ice. I was driving and Elder Asbury was in the front with me while Elder Pett and Elder Masauo were in the back. Elder pett saw that I had put on the brakes but he noticed we were not stopping. So he looked up at the front and realized that we were going to slide into the back of the other missionaries car. Elder Asbury thought the same thing. The next thing that happened impressed everyone in the car, even me! Ive never done this in my entire life (Ive never even thought about doing this if this happened), I turned the wheel and slid right into a small snow pack off the side of the road which slowed us down a little bit, and I turned the wheel back out of it and we got traction and we ended up NOT rear-ending the other car in front of us. This all happened within 5 seconds or less.

As soon as we started to slide on the ice, everything seemed to slow down and I maneuvered the car SO SMOOTH that it seemed like I had taken a driving course or something and knew what to do (which I didn't). God definitely had a hand in that situation, because like I said, I did not even think of doing that before. I just...did it. Not to mention that there was that small snow pack CONVENIENTLY in the right spot when we needed it. It was quite literally "Jesus take the wheel" because I had no idea what I did or how I did it. Like I said as well, everyone was impressed after it happened. It was the conversation topic all the way until we got to the stake presidents house. Surprisingly all the other missionaries in the other cars did not know about it or see it happen. How could they miss it?!? How could you miss a set of car lights behind you veer off the road into a snow pack, bounce around a little bit, and then end up safely behind you again?!? Long story short, we were definitely watched over by God as he subconsciously helped me maneuver the car out of the way. It's hard to describe it written down, you would have had to been in the car to experience it to understand. It was the coolest/somewhat scariest experience ever! I say somewhat scary because the whole time I was calm, I did not freak out at all! I think if I did freak out, we would have hit the other car.

The next miracle was amazing. We got a referral from the church on our iPads on Thursday, the person lived just outside of browning. We were planning on going to browning the next day, so we called them Friday morning and said we would be in browning that afternoon so we could drop off their requested item (the book of mormon). They were quite surprised that they got contacted the next day, they thought it would be a month or two. So when we showed up, we gave them the Book of Mormon, and they let us in and we started answering their questions that they had concerning the Book of Mormon and how "they were the lamanites." We answered all of their questions until they had no more. The topic of church came up and we told them when "the service" was. They said that they would come to it, which most people say they will come (but they never follow through). Then when Sunday rolled around, THEY SHOWED UP!!! After church was over, we asked them what they thought about it. they said they loved every bit of it and had even more questions answered, and they were going to come back again! They even asked if they could take the gospel principles book home too! You could definitely see the light in their eyes! They seemed so happy! This will be the first time on my mission that a referral from church headquarters has been profitable. They are super solid people. I think that they are going to be baptized soon. They have been prepared, now it's time for harvesting!

Another thing that happened this week was a unique experience. A few weeks ago we got a call from this guy that asked if we would be some judges in a speech and drama tournament at the school (which was this last Saturday). So that's what we did. There were a bunch of schools from all around the state here. I did notice that there was Malta high school there. So I thought that I might be able to see some people I knew from Malta. It turns out that I did see a few kids that I knew (that were members) they saw me first. I am actually surprised that they remembered me considering that I was in Malta when I was 2 months out (and now I have about 2-3 months left, so roughly almost two years ago) and I was only there for a month and a half. I ended up having to judge one of them for one of the rounds. We conversed for a few minutes and that was it. Judging was interesting though. I had pretty much no idea what I was doing. But I read the instructions given and did the best I could. Everyone was so good! It was hard to rank them. I will admit that I did pray for help on some decisions.

After we finished volunteering we had to head over to the church because president and sister Wadsworth were in Cutbank to talk to the new senior missionaries (the Ericksons). But they figured since they were in Cutbank, they might as well say hello to us too. After we talked with them, we waved goodbye while we walked across the parking lot that was a giant layer of ice. When I turned and waved, I slipped a little bit which made me loose my balance. But I managed to catch myself without falling. Then I looked over to president and sister Wadsworth after I caught myself. Needless to say, both had a huge smile on their face and we laughing pretty good. We all had a good laugh out of it.

I apologize if this letter was long and boring. I've been trying to make my letters enjoyable and understandable to read. They seem to make sense to me, but they may not make as much sense to you. Again, this past week was amazing! So many miracles! I think the work in Cutbank is starting to get out of a slump now. Have an enjoyable week and look for the little miracles in your everyday life! 

Elder Daniels

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