Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I don't want to leave


I have no idea what to call this week. It was an interesting week. Again, not much happened, but more happened than last week. 

We had district meeting on Wednesday and the zone leaders were there because they had just finished an exchange with Conrad elders and we're switching back. The ericksons also came to district meeting. For the role plays that we did, I got put with the ericksons, and I was the investigator. I went a little easy because it was pretty much their first couple times teaching. But the actually did really well for the first time. I learned a little bit from them and they said they learned a lot just from role playing. 
We had to go to the ford dealership in Cutbank to get our oil changed and tires rotated, surprisingly it did not take that long. But on Sunday we could hear some grinding of something near the engine. So we checked it out and I saw that there was a panel underneath the engine that was hanging down and there was some bolts missing and some that were loose. So the must have not put that cover on tightly (or even at all). So now it's dragging on the road and we can't do anything about it. But we might go over there and ask if they would fix it today. 

On Friday we went early in the morning to go and help some members move out of their house for a little bit before we had to drive to Conrad to switch for the exchange we were going to go on. 
I was staying in Cutbank and elder pett was coming with me again for the exchange. The wind was super windy both days. In fact, there were a few records set for the wind speed. It was about 55-60MPH here in Cutbank. Browning was a little heavier winds. We were not able to teach anybody or even find anybody both days because of the wind. We had a super solid day set up on Friday with appointments, but all of them fell through because they forgot about it. It was very frustrating for me. We managed to teach an older couple that is less active on our home teaching list Friday night. During the conversation he mentioned that he had over 55,000 baseball cards! I don't really care much for sports, but 55,000 baseball cards! That's insane! 

Anyways, this week was better than last week. It was a hard week as well because it is starting to hit me that I am going home soon. I had a little emotional breakdown. Because it's going to be hard to leave my mission because it's meant so much to me. I can't express enough my feelings about it, but you can only imagine. L

Elder McKade Daniels

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