Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Last Transfer

This week and transfer flew by really super fast. I don't really want
to know what this next transfer is going to feel like. But it's
happening. It's going to feel super-duper-uber fast.
I've got some exciting news too! If you remember the person that said
she wanted to be baptized a few weeks ago. Well, we taught her on
Tuesday and Friday this past week and on Tuesday we talked about a
baptism date and we put her on date for baptism for the 27th this
month. So not this Saturday, but next Saturday! I am so excited! This
might be the last baptism for my mission, but I don't know. I am
pretty sure that It is going to happen though.
Something else that happened this week was my birthday!!! We saw on
Facebook that one of the members in the branch was having a birthday
party for their son and so we made a gift and went over to their house and spent the party with them. Then the found out that it was my
birthday the next day. So they celebrated it early with their family.
We also got the transfer news. I am staying and Elder Masauo is
leaving. My new companion is Elder Story.
Have a good week!

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