Friday, March 18, 2016



T. was able to get baptized and confirmed this last weekend! we were so excited. That is the first baptism that this branch has had in a long time, so that's really good. To start it all off we went to Browning on Tuesday and tried the R. first. If you remember about a month ago we got the R. as a referral. We have not been able to meet with them for a really long time. We have tried many times but they said they were sick or they had a lot of people over. But this last week we were able to meet with them. We shared more about the Book of Mormon and we are planning on teaching them the restoration and starting the lessons with them because we can see that they are interested now. They have been reading the Book of Mormon while we had not been meeting with them though, which is good! After meeting with the R. we went and saw brother M. to go help him understand how to teach Sunday school better as well as help him prepare a little bit. After brother M, we saw T. All we did there was get everything set in stone for what she wants at her baptism. 

On Friday we went out to the W. to go see how they are doing. It seems like every time we go to the W (which is not weekly) it's usually on the weeks that they didn't show up to church. It's almost like a bi-weekly thing. But when we showed up, They were going to load some hay on a trailer, so we helped them do that in our missionary clothes. (They provided jackets we could wear so we didn't get dirty though) after we helped them they fed us dinner and we played some games with them, one of which was Jenga. A few times we didn't get very far into the game before it fell over. But the last round that we played went for a long time. We were so careful and we ended up getting to 25 rows with only 3 possible pieces to move that were completely stuck. We later found out that the level of PRO gets up to 30 levels. So we were ALMOST pro at it. 

The baptism was really good on Saturday. Brother M. was the one who baptized her. He had never baptized anybody before. Then on Sunday we had the confirmation, brother R. confirmed her. Some other really amazing things happened that day as well. During sacrament meeting we sustained brother be ordained to an elder. Brother G. has been wanting to be an elder his whole life but. Things happened and he was not able to get it till now. We (meaning the elders quorum) ordained him during priesthood. Then before everyone left after the potluck. Elder E. wanted a blessing and brother G. was able to stand in on a blessing for the fist time only two hours after getting the authority to do so. It was a really amazing day for the Browning branch. We will have to go over to his house this week and give him the basic instructions on how to do blessings and stuff. 

Have a good week!

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