Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Birthday

As you know I had my birthday on Friday the 13th. And I did celebrate it. Apparently Elder Brewster bought me a gift when we went to a store to do some shopping and I didnt see him buy it. And he woke up early before I was up so he could set it up on my desk. I didnt see it in the morning, before I got in the shower but when I got out. I saw it and I said out loud, " whoa! When did that get here!" and he said it had been there since I woke up and didn't notice it. But we made a cake, and then ate it. We celebrated with a few members but all they said was Happy Birthday and didnt get me a gift. But that didnt matter because my Mom had a lot of people send some ties as gifts. Most everyone send a tie or two. I got some packages that had a lot of ties. So I have about just over 30 ties. All in all I got about 15 packages so far. Some might be there today?

We had a lesson with W on Thursday. It was another lesson that went really well. During the lesson his wife T stopped us and said, " okay, this might sound a little weird. But a few minutes ago while you were talking I got this weird warm feeling that I have never ever felt before..." we told her that it was the spirit testifying to her the truth of the message. Then we went on with the lesson and she stopped us again as said, " okay, for the past 20 minutes I have had that warm feeling consistently! What is going on?" and we again told her that it was the spirit talking and testifying to her that the message we shared was true. So we KNEW from the spirit of God. That it was the time that we were supposed to put her on baptismal date because, we would have no way in denying the spirit telling her that she should be baptized and so invited both of them to be baptized and W was hesitating because he wants to learm more about it, and then see where he wants to go from there. But once we asked T if she would be baptized, she IMMEDIATELY said yes. So we put them on date for the 28th of March. They are ready. They are solid. So we asked if they were going to come to church as well, and they wanted to so bad but when church came around we called them and they said that their cows started to calve so they had to be there to do that and they didnt finish until about noon. 

Other than that lesson our week was pretty normal We had some donation boxes that were at the church and some of them had some jeans in the box. So we looked through and I found some jeans that were my exact size and they were really nice wrangler blue jeans. So now I have a full cowboy western outfit. Haha. Well that was my week hope there will be more that goes on with W and T.
-Elder Daniels

Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 8th

  • this week was pretty hectic. on monday i tried to get all of my packing done before transfers because we would leave on tuesday. when we got to billings my companion, Elder Brewster, was not there. so I got to go with Elder Delimatafor the night because we both needed companions. later on Wednesday evening when I met my companion we drove to the small town of Hysham because we would not have been home by 9 if we drove all the way to Forsyth, so we stayed in Hysham for the night and all of the next day because we were doing service there. Then we went to Forsyth the next morning.  We did some more service. Forsyth is way spread out so it is going to be hard on the miles that we get. But we were able to get under miles when I was in shepherd with Elder Wilson, why wont I be able to do it again in Forsyth.

When we got to Forsyth, the branch president called and said that they only had one speaker for the sacrament meeting. So he asked if Iwould be able to give a talk that Sunday, which was in two days. I accepted. The talk I gave was on personal revelation and how we can recieve a simple revelation, or testimony, about the book of mormon. I have given that talk a few times before so I am glad that I had it but Idecided to change it up a bit to fit what I Felt the branch needed. 

We also went tracting at 8PM which i don't really like to do because it bothers people. But when we were tracting the only door that opened let us right in.We taught him the restoration lesson and we talked about baptism. He said that he has not been baptised and he has thought about it a lot and he knows that it is nessisary. He said he would think about it because it it about time for him to get baptized. We were going to put him in the area book but he said that he has had missionaries stop by before so we checked the former investigators and sure enough, He was  on our list of contacts. So that was my week and my birthday is next week on Friday the 13th and I have already gotten lots of packages.

Well that was my week. 
-Elder Daniels

Febuary 2 2015

  • Hey family, 

This week was pretty good. on Wednesday for the mutual activity, the youth had a mini missionary activity. For all of the youth, when they showed up, they got their mini mission call for the night and got their own paper nametags. At the begining they all sat down in the gym and they were in the "MTC" the ward mission leader was the MTC president. They  all got their companions and had to stay with them for the night. Then  they did different activities and they called them transfers, when they went to the next activity. This  is where we come in and why we were there in the first place. One of the activities was us teaching how to do a companionship study. Basically what we did was we taught how a companionship study was supposed to happen and then we had them get with their companion and we gave them a name and a backround of somebody that we actually have worked with in a past area, and they had to figure out what they were going to teach that person based on their needs. It was a cool experience with the teens that actually wanted to participate. Theyouth said that it was a really good insite to how you would plan. Most of the kids loved the activity. One of the other activities was where members of the ward came and they went into a room in the church and the youth had to go up and go tracting! Most of the youth said that it would be hard to go tracting ( well they are right in some ways) Most of the members were hard on them, but one of the members would let them in and totally accept the message that they were teaching. Then when they left, the member would tell them that  the people that would just let them in would rarely ever happen. haha! Which is true! But then the end of the activity was the return with honor meeting. The bishop got up and gave a few words regarding their faithfullness in sharing the gospel and going on a mini mission. It was still pretty cool though.I cant wait for that moment one year from now! The bishop then asked how many of the youth are going to go on a mission from just participating in the activity and getting some insite. I didn't get a photograph but most of the youth said they would go on a mission. That was a really cool activity that we had part in for the ward. 

Also I found out that you only need one blade to shave your face! I found a safety razor shaver. that only uses one blade! And to be honest I think that it works just as fine, if not better, than a 15 dollar gillette shaver. The cool thing is that you can get a razor blade for the shaver for about 25 CENTS! So its much cheaper! Plus it looks classy and old fashioned. one of the missionaries in Cody actually uses a straight razor to shave. I hear that shaving with a straight razor is EXTREMELY difficult. One false move and you cut yourself. Ouch! 

Also, if you have not heard already, I am getting transferred yet again! I am going to be in
, Montana. I heard that forsyth covers part of an indian reservation so that is going to be a cool experience. 

Anyway, this week was a good last week of the transfer. It has been really warm the past week but it has died down and for the past few days it had been a bitter cold! have a good week.
elder Daniel

January 26 th

Hey guys,

So since I am with a district leader, I have to follow him around while he does his stuff as a district leader. For instance, this week we found out that the district leader has to go on weekly planning exchanges where we would go on an exchange for a day doing weekly planning with the other companionship. But since we cannot be alone with a person of the opposite gender. We have to go together whenever we are doing a planning with the sisters. So this week we went to the sisters in Burlington while we had the car. Usually the weekly planning takes about 2-3 hours. but with the new things that came out on weekly planning, the planning took about 5 hours. So  it was a long day. I did help out during the planning though, but it was mainly the district leader that was supposed to do it. We did have the meeting with sister but we were not in it because we felt that we shouldn't because it is under the bishops direction and when we called him he felt the same way. So we don't entirely know what went on in the meeting. but to keep it confidential I will not give out anymore information. 

On Wednesday we had a lesson with a less active member named sister S, We had planned to meet just her but when we went over she had one of her friends that is catholic and she liked to talk about god so she listened. The spirit was definitely there because all of us were feeling it. Then  the time came that we were supposed to invite her to be baptized. When we invited her, she hesitated and said that she did not want to be baptized unless she felt that same spirit more times. So we told her that she would because we teach multiple lessons. the cool thing was that we invited them to church too (as well as everyone else that we have been working with) and this past sunday everyone that we invited was there at church. Even sister sharpes catholic friend! We Were so happy because nobody for the past 12 weeks has came to church. so that was a very big step. 

Also we had dinner with the H  family. The dinner was good and the lesson was good, but at the end of the lesson sister H looked over at brother H and said, "do you want me to say it, or do you want to be a big boy and say it yourself?" they are an old couple so it was kinda funny but we did not laugh. brother H said that he has came down with some sort of sickness for the past few days and he was wondering if we could give him a blessing. We said we would and he asked if I would give the blessing. Keep in mind that this is my first blessing that I have ever gave in my entire lifetime. So I started to give the blessing, and when it ended, sister H looked over at all of us and said to brother H " that was a pretty good experience wasn't it?" they both did not know that it was my first time giving a blessing. But whenever I hear of somebody giving a blessing, they almost always say that they could feel a presence of something while they were giving the blessing. or they had thoughts come to their mind distinctly. But during the blessing that I gave, I had none of those things come to me. but apparently whatever I said during the blessing was what brother H needed to hear. It was a pretty cool experience for a first time for me. Thats pretty much the events that happened during the week. 

hopefully your week goes well.
-Elder Daniels