Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hey guys,

This week was pretty good. From Wednesday to Friday I was on yet another exchange with the zone leaders this time. I was able to be with Elder Griffith. The Hawthorne ward is having a rough time. There was not a lot of people to teach, so we ended up doing a lot of Tracting. But the lessons that we were able to have were really good. I thought that the exchange went great regardless. We went into a dinner appointment not knowing what we should teach them, Elder Griffith gave me the opportunity to share the message. I had no idea what to teach. so I came to the conclusion after much thought. I shared the message about letting the savior be our guide in life, from Elder Ballards talk. I  had a lot of thoughts go through my mind, but during the lesson the thoughts were totally different. I realized that I was teaching by the spirit. 

After the exchange me and Elder Graham went over to an investigators house at 8. He always lets us inside. But this lesson was quite a bit different. during the lesson, the investigator, came back at us with a comment. Then the conversation went downhill from there. we tried to keep teaching. But he would be arguing. It came to the point where he would keep talking and we would have to leave, so we asked him if we could say a prayer but he kept talking.  He kept talking and trying to combat with us. We ended up walking out of the house without turning back. The whole conversation and lesson was just a contentious battle. We taught and did the best that we could to help him understand, I dont think that we are going to go back soon. 

Speaking of not going back soon....yet again I have gotten transferred. haha! but its not a bad thing. I like seeing all the different sorts of people throughout the mission. I am grateful to be going to Cody Wyoming. I  have had a good time in Roundup, I will miss this place. but I  am looking forward to meeting the people in Cody. 

Hope you've had a great week. Because mine was pretty good overall. 
-Elder Daniels

first week in December '14

This week was a pretty rough week after the zone conference on Tuesday. First off, when we were driving in to the Christmas zone conference, the Shepherd Elders called us to see if they could get a ride into town since we would be going the same route pretty much. So it seemed like a good idea to pick them up after meeting at a gas station and carpool together to the conference. I had a great time at the zone conference for my first Christmas on the mission. I really enjoyed playing an arrangment of o holy night for everyone. I practiced as much as I could, when there was time, but the nerves still got to me. But I thought that I did pretty well. The Christmas spirit was definitely present during the whole zone conference. One of the best parts I thought was when they showed pictures that missionaries families had sent to the mission home in secret. Luckily mine was not that bad. It was just a family picture, from the begining of this year. Most of the other missionaries pictures were some embarresing ones from when they were kids. They were pretty funny because all you would see was the persons picture without the name. and the missionary in the room quietly say, "OH NO..." then their name would show up and everyone would laugh. Because some would not even look like them! 
 After the zone conference we returned to the gas station to drop the Shepherd Elders off and to also switch so we could do an exchange. But, when we got to the gas station the Shepherd Elders car was not there. So we walked in and asked what happened to the car? They said that the car got towed a while ago, because it was sitting in a spot where you were not supposed to park. So we called the towing office and they said that they were closed for the day. So we had no idea what to do, so we called the zone leaders and did a miniature exchange for the night. Where just I would go with the zone leaders home, so each companion ship had one car and a tripanionship. Then the next day we got together again and went down in the morning to the towing yard to get the car. We didn't have any cash on us, and the problem was that they only accepted cash. So Elder Scott (the vehicle coordinator) came down and paid the fine. All of the fees added together was roughly $260 dollars! When we were waiting for Elder Scott to show up. I made the comment that, "it is easier to get into sin, but it is really hard to get out of it!" Which is true in this case because we simply parked wrong, and 260 dollars later we finally got out of it. 
Other than that, the exchange with Elder Wolf  went pretty well. we taught quite a few people and shared the "he is the gift" video with a lot of people. Everyone that we have showed it to has either gotten teared up or was crying at the end of it. that video is a spiritual powerhouse. I  love that video a lot because it softens even the toughest peoples hearts. But in Worden where shepherd elders live. and where I used to serve. There was a christmas stroll. Which is where you walk around town going to all the buisnesses and getting stamps on a paper and then turning it in. We went to a christmas tree selling business.They gave us a really good REAL christmas tree for free. They are not members but they always donate a tree to the Missionaries. It was good though because we walked around town and talked with people and got seen by alot of people. I think that we are the only missionaries in the world that have an actual pine tree. ha-ha There was a few churches like a free mason church and a Lutheran church that was on the list. We went inside and we thought that they were going to kick us out for being Mormons in their church. But they didn't, We talked a lot about gospel stuff and they were really friendly. 
Last night on Sunday we went over to the Dimmicks. We had a really good lesson with them. they pretty much believe everything that we believe. From the mouth of their own they said, " your church is trying to keep the gospel the way it is supposed to be and not changing it to whatever the worlds standards are." Which we both thought meant that he believed that this church is the only right church with the right beliefs, He just doesnt get the concept of the need of the book of Mormon. He absolutly LOVES having us over, but as long as he is progressing, then we will keep going over.

well that was this hectic...fun...week that I have had. I hope yours was fun as well.

-Elder Daniels

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's Cold Outside!

Well this week was Thanksgiving! (as all of you should know. ha ha) We had 3 dinners on Thanksgiving! I am pretty full! I could hardly eat the rest of the day. For our last dinner, which was at the branch presidents house. We showed up for dinner and the branch president was laying down taking a nap. He was holding an ice pack on his stomach. He told us that he woke up and had a really bad feeling wrenching his stomach. So he went to the hospital and he got an appendicitis surgery. But he was able to come home the same day. It would be terrible to get an appendicitis on any day but a holiday? They got a pretty good sized deer in the morning too. When we went over, they were cutting it up. They were going to make liver and onions!

As we left their house we had to walk down a ramp that was iced over with a little bit of frost. On the way down the ramp. We both slipped and fell. And sadly enough, Elder Graham hurt his ankle. Me being an eagle scout, evaluated the situation. I came to the conclusion that he sprained his ankle pretty bad. He could not walk on it, so i had to carry him out to the truck. Oddly enough everyone inside did not see or hear it happen? But we went home and I got some ice packs and we did what is called "rice." which is rest, ice, compress. and elevation. I guess it was a good thing that I was an eagle scout. Because every day till Saturday we stayed at home and took care of Elder Graham. We were able to have lessons though. Even though we did not see them in person, we would text them and teach them a lesson. So we were still doing missionary work, even though elder graham was out of commission until he could walk on it again. He is walking now with a little bit of a hobble. He was able to get a blessing by me.

The winter is here for sure I think. The weather is about -12 in the morning and the night. And gets to about 15 degrees in the afternoon. There is a picture attached on the way to Billings on Wednesday on what it looks like.

Other than that. Since Elder Graham was out of commission for a few days. I decided that I wanted to read the New Testament and read about the Saviors life since it is getting to Christmas. I hope to finish the New Testament by Christmas. I am already just about finishing up Luke. Now I just have to read from John to Revelations. Then I will probably work on the Old Testament. So I  would have read the whole Bible once and the book of Mormon many times on my mission.. My overall goal for my mission is to read all of the standard works before my mission ends. Its a pretty big goal, but I know that I can accomplish it.

Hopefully y'all have had wonderful Thanksgiving and a Happy Holiday season.
-Elder Daniels

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'm gratefull

This week was pretty good. While I was emailing Monday, there was a guy that was sitting right next to us and he was talking with us about a lot of things that are not going well in the world. So we didn't want to be rude, so we listened. But as the conversation went on, we were able to transition to a gospel topic which happened to be the first lesson (the restoration). He has talked to missionaries before but it has been a while. He said that he usually comes the the church on the third Sunday for the potluck dinner. He really likes the church and he wants to come back. He is not a member, so we shared with him the restoration lesson while we were emailing and he accepted to read the book of Mormon and to come to church this past Sunday. We were planning on going into Billings last Monday but we were not able to because we would not have enough miles on the car. Were only allowed so many. So we stayed in Roundup. But if we would have gone into Billings, then we would have not been able to talk with that guy. So we found a new investigator.

 I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Hastings from Wednesday till today. He is from Lehi too. We didn't know each other back home though. Every day we found some sort of miracle. Just like the one that I just described previously. We would be going to a lesson and they would cancel on us so we would go and find somebody else whether it would be from tracking or finding less actives. We would always find somebody that would need us at that time. It goes to show that, "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass;" as it says in Alma 37:6. it happens every day! We don't know why certain things happen. But we know that it was probably now the lords will and there is something else that he would have us be doing. We always ask for heavenly father to guide us by the spirit every day, but he always guides us in the way that we may not know why. Just like I said before. If we would have gone into Billings for preparation day, then we would have not been able to talk with that guy we met at the library. 

Yesterday while we were finding less-active members, We stopped by this guys house and he said, "if you are trying to get me to come back to the brotherhood of the LDS church, then you better turn around and start walking away!" We asked him why he thought that we were trying to get him back to church (even though that was what we were trying to to in the first 
place). He said that he was going to not come back to the Mormon brotherhood because when he needed the church the most when he was going through his divorce, the church was not there for him. He has tried many MANY times to come back to church at different wards. 
but he says that they are all the same, they are all judgmental and its not a brotherhood
anymore. He really liked to use the word brotherhood a lot! It is always hard for us when a
less-active member gets offended by the church. Because the only way that they are going to 
come back is if they are not offended anymore. He said that the church members need to
"walk the walk and walk the talk. not the other way around." I have heard many times that a 
lot of members talk the walk but don't walk the walk. They don't do what they are trying to 
tell others to do. One story that was given was that a teenage member would come every
Sunday, but the other days he was drinking and smoking. That would be a prime example of what this guy mentioned.
 The Apartment

I am going to quote Elder Jeffery R. Holland as he said in his talk,"we are all enlisted" in the October 2011 general conference. "so I am going to get in your face a little, nose to nose, with just enough fire in my voice to singe your eyebrows a little."  I want to remind everyone
who reads this letter that we need to live up to what we have been taught. TOO MANY of our brothers and sisters are getting offended because members are not living what they have
been taught and judging others for the same things that they are doing. I invite all of you to take the time to read Matthew 7:1-5. I believe that this scripture passage will be relevant to 
what I have already said. We need to look towards our-self and see our own faults before we 
judge and look of the faults of others.

I am grateful for this opportunity that I have to be a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in the Montana Billings Mission. I am grateful to be a 
representative of Jesus Christ himself. I am grateful for the repentance process, everyone messes up 
in life. We have all judged at least once in our life. Its  never to late to repent.
Its just as your mom always says, "Remember who you are and what you stand for!"  We need to remember who we are and what we stand for. There  are members and non-members 
that are watching us at all times. There are so many things that I am grateful for at this time 
but if I were to write them all in this email I would be emailing for a few hours.

 I hope that all of you will develop an attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving season. There 
are many things to be grateful for.  I have great love  for you all and hope you all have a
fantastic Thanksgiving holiday.
-Elder Daniels

Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter is here!

Hello family,

This week we have been driving into Billings a lot! Its about 100 miles round trip to Billings. We had to drive in on Thursday morning because we had a broadcast that we had to be at. That went out to the whole mission. That was broadcasting from our stake center. We were the first ones to arrive there, they asked if any of us knew how to play the piano and I said that I did. So then they asked me to play the prelude for the broadcast!!!! I was going to be seen playing the piano on hundreds of screens!!! It was pretty nerve wracking at first but then I forgot about it and I played pretty well. 

After the broadcast we found out that we would have to drive down to Billings the next day too! So on Friday we had to go down again for a zone conference! The zone conference was very interesting because they split us into three groups and had us figure out how we could solve the problems in the mission that they gave us. Each of us was a "council". 

On the way back to Roundup after the zone conference, we passed a car that was off the side of the road. We passed by it and the farther that we got away from the car. The stronger that we felt that we should go back and offer our help. When we got to the car. We found out that it was a less active that lives in Roundup. We asked what was wrong with the car, they said that they ran out of oil and the car seized up. So we called some other elders that were in town to see if they could run to the gas station and pick up some oil for the car. They  did and we put the oil in the car and it still wouldnt run. We gave them the oil for free. Then on the way back after stopping to help, We noticed that there was a huge crack that went from the bottom right corner of the windsheild in an arch to the bottom left of the windshield. We called the mission office and we are getting it fixed this Wednesday. We dont know how it happened. It was probably the heat of the inside of the car and the cold of the outside. and then a rock hit it or something. 

Then on Sunday we had to drive in again for a priesthood leadership meeting. We are trying to save up our miles, so we set up plans to get a ride down from a member. But then when the time came that we had to leave. Our plans fell through and we eventually had to drive down. We were going to go down to Billings on preparation day. But since we had already driven a bunch this week. we are not being able to go in to Billings. We are trying to figure out what to do here in Roundup. There is not much to do. Being in a small town is pretty hard. 

hopefully ya'll are staying warm. because its getting pretty winter-like here. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

You tried and they denied

So this week we were able to go up to Roundup MT. Because the district leader wanted both of us up there for an exchange and we did mini splits for the day. So we didn't do too much in our own area of Shepherd. One thing that happened while up in roundup was I was tracting with one of the missionaries in Roundup. We saw a guy working on a truck so we asked him if he wanted any help? He asked us if we were Mormons and we replied yes.  " we are the missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ."  and he stopped us mid-sentence and said, "get the *%!$ out of here." So we did as he said and left respectively. Sometimes people can be mean, but you need to remember to be happy because you tried and they denied. Oh wow, im a poet and I didn't even know it? While we were up in Roundup we missed the ward Halloween party but we were able to go back right before they started trick or treating. Today is elder Wilson birthday and we decided to celebrate it by going to the new Sheels store. on the way there we saw a brand new 2014  corvette stingray. It was really nice. I have seen a few here in Montana. there were a lot in Greatfalls when I was up there. At Sheels, Elder Wilson was really interested in a knife for his birthday so we went and he got one. But he is going to send it home right away! there is a picture attached too

"McKade was transferred to Roundup when he returned to Shepard  apparently they wanted him up there, its north of Shepard but still in the vicinity of Billings MT." He has really liked it there this week and really felt that Roundup is where he is supposed to be right now 

It's really cold in Montana! We have enjoyed really hot fall weather in Utah but my APP I have keeping track of McKades wear abouts tells me the high for this week in Billings MT is 3 degrees with a low of -11 before the wind chill."

So we got the news yesterday for transfers. I am staying in roundup for another 5 weeks! Usually we  have a 6 week transfer but if that was supposed to happen we would be transfering on christmas eve.  but since we have the 5 week transfer, we have transfers on the 17th of December. 

This week we have relied on the spirit alot, to be where the lord would have us be. It  was right before 9pm. When we were supposed to be inside. We wanted to go home but we wanted to be obedient so we asked the lord where he would have us tract. I offered a prayer and I felt that we should go down this certain street and we knocked on one house that stuck out to us and it was my turn to do the door approach. This lady answered the door and she expressed that she was having a hard time with life and she didnt know what her purpose in life was and so I testified to her and told her that the book of mormon would help her overcome her trials in life as long as she took the time to read it. I also gave her a plan of salvation pamplet that does explain our purpose in life. She accepted both the book of mormon and the pamplet. We asked if she would read through both of them and she said that she would by the next time that we go over. She  was really relived when we came and talked with her. I know that the spirit guides us as long as we let our hearts be open to it. 

also this week IT STARTED SNOWING! and its going to keep continuing to snow every day ALL 
DAY for the next week. it is just a really light snowfall but we already have about 2 inches in one day so far. 

Here in Roundup the city water has rust in the system. So it is really bad to drink. I didnt want to wash all of my white shirts in the washer with the water because it would turn the shirts yellow after a time. But to my suprise, if you dont want your shirts to yellow with rust or anything else. Then you wash your clothes like normal with soap and everything, but you add one can of coca-cola soda with the clothes and then your shirts will not turn yellow and oddly enough... YOUR WHITE SHIRTS WILL GET WHITER!!! its some ingredient in the soda that acts as a whitner. Its really weird but it works!!! 
WINTER IS HERE!!!!!!. My companion is from folsum California. More commonly known as the
prison town. I got transfered because the mission president felt that I should, and from being here for one week. I can definitly see why I was needed because I have contacted and taught alot of people here latley and I have felt the spirit alot. The spirit has guided me and my companion to people that have needed to feel the spirit and hear the gospel. 

Hopefully there is more to write about next week. I hope pe you all stay warm because its supposed 
to be roughly -11 this whole week here in roundup. Well thats all for this week.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Slow Week

This week was pretty slow. On Wednesday we went to district meeting and my companion was feeling really sick. He woke up and was fine until it hit him like a brick wall in district meeting. We went home from district meeting early because we didnt want to have everyone else sick. But we still called into the district meeting, so we could still listen to what was being taught. We got home and he took a rest while I studied and cleaned up the apartment. We didnt do anything for the rest of the night until the zone leaders came over to see why we left district meeting early because they did not know why he was sick. Then the  next morning he felt better, but still didnt feel well. We were able to go to dinner and see some less actives and that was about it. On Saturday we got to go to the
Lyons for breakfast. They are in charge of checking the cleanliness of the apartments and cars. They try and feed all the missionaries in the zone at least once a transfer. We had pumkin spice french toast.She said that she looked up the recipe on pintrest. If you want to, you can look it up and make it yourselves?  After the breakfast we got to go to the primary practice so that I could help out. There was nobody there to lead the music so they asked me to lead. But on Sunday I just held up the pictures and words. But also on Saturday we helped the Cranford's split wood they got, with an ax. Yipee! It was fun but I got a bad blister too. Our investigator, who we helped take down the motor in his car, was at church this Sunday for the primary program. He had a good time but couldn't stay the whole 3 hours. Other than what I  have just explained, that is about everything that is happening this week. Its getting about 25 degrees in the morning now here in Montana. WINTER IS HERE!!

How much wood would an Elder chop if an Elder could chop wood?

-Elder Daniels

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I'm going to the Temple

I was so excited to go to the temple this week! There is never a better opportunity than to go to the temple. We should always strive to go to the temple as often as we can. Doing work for those that have passed on is the best feeling ever because you can feel their love for you. I took some photos of this occasion and attached them, and there should be some photos of the zone together at the entrance of the temple later maybe next week. Even though we are VERY limited on miles, going to the temple is so worth it.

The next day after the temple trip we had zone conference. The assistants had given us discussions and then we joined together and president and sister addressed us. I don't quite remember what sister

The typical meal

This week, October 23rd, we got to go to the stake center to have a zone preparation day. All of the missionaries in our zone met at the church and we had a pumpkin carving contest. I did not participate because I want to have a great looking pumpkin carved right before Halloween. So I am going to wait a few more days.

After the pumpkin carving contest we had dinner with Brother G. We had a hearty meal of a freshly hunted turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes. It's a pretty typical meal here in rural Montana. There is almost always some sort of meat with mashed potatoes and gravy. As we were about to leave he had us follow him to his freezer, because he needs to get some more freezer space soon because elk season is almost here. So we went out to the freezer and he gave us some black bear meat from the bear that he shot and killed last week Now at home we have black bear meat, elk country smoked sausage, elk pepperoni sticks, elk cubes, and bacon.

Right after our dinner with Brother G., we had a lesson with one of our recent converts D. She is taking the new member lessons from us. Her husband is not a member yet, but we made sure he was there because as we were teaching D. we were going to teach J., her husband, the discussions. As the lesson went on, we both noticed that he was getting pretty emotional. During the part of the lesson where we talked about the first vision with Joseph smith, we noticed that he was tearing up and he was about to cry because he was feeling the spirit so much. So it was at that time that we both knew that he needed to be  committed to be baptized. So we did exactly that, when we asked J, D got all anxious about it and when he said yes she let out a huge sigh of relief. It was the perfect lesson because we did everything that we are asked to do. I can't wait to see him get baptized.

That very same night we went over to our Ward mission leader’s house to explain to him what happened with J’s lesson. His littlest daughter kept running around and having fun. Then Elder W pulled out his laser pointer that he uses to play with cats. So he was shining it all around and she was chasing after it trying to catch it. We were all laughing so hard because it was really funny. Then we shined it on her and she freaked out because she thought it was a bug and it made it even funnier until she started crying and then we felt bad. When would shine it on somebody else she would laugh because it was on them and not her!!!! We had a good time there and our ward mission leader is really excited for J as much as we are.

On Tuesday we had dinner with a member. It was a pretty good dinner; it was fried chicken and pheasant, mashed potatoes and gravy!! You guessed it! Typical Montana dinner! We went over to the G family on Wednesday night. We knocked on the door and he said, "Elder W! Come in!" It was funny how he knew it was us without even looking.  We asked him how he knew and he said that he doesn't really have a lot of friends so he figured it was us.

 We took some pictures for some #bookofmormoning. There is not one attached but the caption was, "If you ever feel like you are lost in the world, turn to the book of Mormon for guidance.  It will help you understand your purpose in life and where you should turn." the picture was basically us reading the book of Mormon in the middle of nowhere because that would represent the "lost" part of the picture. If you can picture that in your head.

On Friday we helped one of our investigators, J (#2), take apart his engine for his VW car. We took everything off the motor till it was just the block. Then we even took all of the parts off inside the block. It was pretty hard. We also helped the B family set up Halloween decorations, and also helped brother B put a timing belt back on their car. Let's say that we learned a lot about cars in the past two days.

This Sunday we had stake conference and the whole zone got to sing a special hymn.  We sang high on a mountain top. It was really good. President and sister Mecham were there and they spoke and the spirit was so strongly there.

Well that was my week and I hope yours was just as exciting if not better.


This week , October 13th, we traveled a lot! We had to drive into Billings on Monday because we have to email and shop and do the other things that we absolutely cannot do out in our small town. Then we had to go in Tuesday because we had to go get our car estimated for hail damage. We have gotten some hail storms lately.  Wednesday we had our district meeting and we HAVE to go in for that. Then Thursday we had to go into town again to meet at the church for our missionary meeting with the ward mission leader. Friday we had to go in for a Facebook/online training. We basically went over the rules for Facebook and some of the things that we can do now. Something that I like that was added to the rules was #bookofmormoning. Basically what book of Mormoning is is that you take a picture of something that relates to a scripture in the book of Mormon and you have a picture of the book of Mormon in the picture. Then you put the photo on Facebook with the scripture as the description and then at the end, you put: #bookofmormoning. If you are confused even from my description then I invite you to go to Facebook and search for #bookofmormoning, and it will have tons of examples. I’ll have one picture of a book of mormoning for next week since I never got one this week. Remember to have the Book of Mormon in the photo!

I had the opportunity to play in primary AGAIN this week. it looks like they do not have a piano player for primary and they have the primary program not this Sunday because its stake conference but the next Sunday and I might have to play for that as well if they do not find a player! We were finally able to get in with one of our investigators this week that we haven’t seen since I got here seven weeks ago. It has been really hard to get in contact with them. It is mostly a hit and miss situation. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

28th scout camp six months out in the mission field

This week has gone by really slow because we were already over miles for the month last month and we tried getting rides everywhere. We mostly stayed around Worden and Ballantine walking or riding our bikes. We have tried to go see Someone who we are working with to try and get him to stop chewing tobacco. He hasn't been home lately because his water heater was leaking and now he is staying at his parents for a while and we don't know where his parents live.

But on Wednesday we went and saw our investigators again. The past few times that we have met with the Family. Their son has always had a fit where he is swearing EVERYTHING at us and everyone else. We have explained, as well as 4 other missionaries that have worked with them, that if they read the scriptures with Him then he wouldn't have the tantrums any more. Just this past week they started reading together. And they said that he hasn't had a tantrum since. And we were like, "HELLOOOOOOOO! WE HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU THIS THE WHOLE TIME!!!" I know that scripture reading when times are hard will help you calm down. It works! That same day that we had met with the Family we saw a bald eagle off the side of the road. We thought it was cool so I took a picture. and it actually looked at us which was awesome.

On Thursday we got to help out with the wood splitting and delivering project that the elders quorum planned. We turned the 4 tons of wood that we cut last Tuesday into 10 trucks bed loads and two huge gooseneck trailers full, to take to peoples houses that need it for the winter. We finished splitting And delivering the wood in about 3 hours. The splitting went by so fast because we had 3 log splitting machines. It's crazy how easy those splitters split the wood. They can split the wood with 22 tons of force!

This week marks my six months out on a mission and also 2 of the 4 general conferences in my mission. I've noticed that this conference sessions were focused a lot on the sacrament and the grace of the savior. I hope that everyone has had some sort of revelation that they have received from this conference. Now since conference is over, we got a call that we have to wear our suitcoats. EVERY DAY!!! We get to wear them till the next conference in April.

Also, the new movie meet the Mormons is coming to Billings. For the past week we were instructed to tell everyone about the new movie to get it to be able to play here In Billings. But still, as missionaries, we are not allowed to be in or even around any movie theater. Elder Holland actually told us that. Not in person though. We were able to get it pre screened under the direction of the mission president. I would invite all of you to go and see it when you can. to find out where the nearest movie theater has it. go to meetthemormons.com and find one near you. Go and see it.

Hope you've all had a great week and a great conference. Till next week.

-Elder Daniels

Howdy ya'll

We did a lot of service this week. On Monday we went and visited the Cranfords, brother Cranford said that he was going to be splitting some wood on Tuesday and he had a whole trailer full of logs. We went back over on Tuesday afternoon and unloaded half of the wood for him and put in in a log pile. The other half of wood we split with axes for him. Since it was my first time EVER splitting wood.  I took it pretty slow just so  I could get the motion down and to make sure that I was hitting the same spot on the log so  I don't miss and hurt myself. Because that wouldn't be good!!  Most of the logs that I split, it took about 12 swings to finally split it in half and then ANOTHER 8 just to split it into quarters. It took a while for me. But near the end I was splitting it in quarters in about 5 hits. So I guess that is some improvement for the first time!

We then got a call the next day, Wednesday, to help a member buck about 100 bails of hay onto his trailer. He lived all the way in Shepherd and since we are SUPER limited on miles, We would not be able to help him unless he picked us up. But it worked out nicely because he was driving past where we live in Worden to pompeys piller to get the bails at some guys farm land. So we helped him and it was really fun. I enjoyed it a lot! It was also my first time ever doing that as well. Its crazy how those bails of hay can weigh up to 80 pounds A PIECE! But I did it, and I was throwing them on the stack with brother Leiser,

and Elder Wilson was stacking them together while brother Leisers 13 year old daughter was

driving the truck down the field. It was the funnest and probably the hardest thing I could have done because I couldnt throw them on the stack that was taller than me. But it was pretty funny to watch me try. I only broke one cord on one of the bails. Im lucky that it wasnt over my head when it broke because then I would be really itchy.

The last service project that we did was with the elders quorum, we are trying to get wood together to split for widows in the ward that need it for the winter. On friday, we went and helped put logs into trailers as the adults were cutting them into the logs. We loaded two trailerfulls, and it all weighed 4 tons!!!! thats alot of wood! We are planning on helping them this Thursday to get together to split the wood. I LOVE SPLITTING WOOD! I don't know if I said it before but I really do. I love service! Now is the time that we are probably going to be splitting wood a lot because everyone is going to be doing it right before winter.

I used my talent again to play the piano in primary, because they needed another piano player this week. We shouldn't hide our talents that we have, because we never know if it could bless the life of another. Just like I impacted Jim  as  I played at his baptism.

Speaking of Jim, I am very happy to say that he got ordained to the office of a priest this Sunday!!!!!!!!!! I can see a greater light in his eyes ever since he got baptized. He is one of the strongest converts that I have seen. He is really dedicated to this gospel.

 We also got tranfer calls this week, I am grateful to be staying in Shepherd for another transfer with Elder Wilson!! He is a really good missionary he has helped me to see what I could do to be a better missionary. I am very excited for this upcoming transfer!  I hope that ya'll are doing dandy and that everything is going alright with you.

-Elder Daniels

Monday, September 15, 2014

Eventful Week

This week was a pretty eventful week, right after district meeting me and the district leader switched companions for an exchange. Usually the exchanges are for three days but this one was over night and we switched back that next day right before bedtime. I went up to a super small town called roundup. My companion while I was in Malta a while back, elder Sumner served there for quite a while. I knew this before I went, and EVERYONE knew who elder Sumner was. They still talk about him. Roundup has a rust problem in their water, so it's really bad to drink and so we went to the church and got some filtered water in big gallon buckets. It was pretty fun up there.

Friday night we got home and our neighbor is a big hunter and he was home before us and elder Wilson sees something in the back of his truck. We get a flashlight and go and see what it was. Sure enough, it was a small doe already gutted and bleeding everywhere in the back of his truck, I saw it and almost threw up. I've never seen a dead animal that was freshly dead and already gutted freshly. It was too dark to see the whole thing but I tried to get a good picture. I think it would be cool to go hunting, but I don't think I could handle the stuff you do to it after you kill it, I probably couldn't get the courage to kill the thing either.

We then had dinner on Saturday with the Mc, family, we are trying to save up our miles because we are very VERY limited and we usually run out of miles about this time of the month. So in order to save miles we started walking down the highway 312 which has no shoulder so we are walking on the road and when a car would come close we would walk off and then keep going. It's about 10 miles to their house.

One long walk

We started walking around 3:30 and we had dinner at about 5. As we were walking we saw the dead raccoon on the road which you see a picture attached. We also took some selfies! I'm really bad at selfies. That's probably the 3rd selfie ever that I have taken. It got about 4:45 and we were still really far away from their house. So we called him and he came and picked us up. But he had to drive back to where we lived because he needed to fill up with gas! So it was basically pointless that we walked that far. Some people stopped and asked if we needed a ride because nobody walks along that road. But of course they were women and it's against the rules to ride in a car with just a woman. But the dinner was really good! We also thought that we could just hitch a ride on one of the coal freight trains going that direction we needed to go but we thought that would be a really bad idea. We just laughed about it though.

Apple Enchiladas for dessert
On Sunday we had dinner with the G. family.  It satisfies me to say that It was really good food. But the dessert was the best.
I've never heard of Apple enchiladas. There is a picture attached but it is basically the stuff that your would put in an apple pie but you wrap it in a tortilla and bake it and eat it with ice cream. Besides the name of apple enchiladas, it was the weirdest dessert that if have eaten so far, but it has bee the best.
Hope everyone has had a good week and hope to see some emails come in. 

-Elder Daniels

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Oh my aching back

Our mission is going through a purification process. Sending things home that we have collected over time, and do not need, or non approved media, this is in preparation for the missionaries to go to the temple. Even though I did not have much to send home, I noticed I had a few things. I am so excited to be able to attend the temple in the next two weeks! It is always a good thing to go to the temple whenever possible. Whenever you get the chance, you should always take it. nothing beats going to the temple.

We were able to meet with J. who we have scheduled to be baptized this coming Tuesday. We met with him on Wednesday to make sure that he still wants to be baptized, and also to finish the lessons. We were able to cover the topic of chastity. The topic of chastity is always a hard subject to explain without making weird. We still needed to finish the lessons of laws and ordinances. We were able to meet with him on Friday and finish the lessons, as well as get everything set up for the baptism. We scheduled the baptismal interview to be this Sunday. He is ready to be baptized!

One other thing that happened this week, happened on Friday as well. We got a text from one of our investigators, J. (a different person), who was in town. We went to see him first thing the next day. He still has a desire to be baptized, but his dad doesn't want him to until he turns 18. He told us that his sister got baptized in another church, and his dad let her be baptized even though she was not 18 either. We told him that the devil doesn't care if people get baptized in the wrong church, but he cares if they are going to be baptized in the right church! We are struggling a little bit on how we can help his dad let him be baptized now and not when he his 18.

This ward is a very missionary work minded ward. We are very privileged to go on splits with the members every Sunday and Tuesday. It's kind of hard for me to go on the splits when I don't know the area and the people to well. Most of the time we go and see the people that the members have in mind. I'm getting to know the area better and better each day though.

One other thing that happened this week was really back breaking. We helped our elders quorum president pour some concrete stairs. He had about 20 stairs that wrapped around a retaining wall. We went over at 10 in the morning and helped out making sure the forms that we made were going to hold up and there were not going to be any blowouts while we were pouring. We started pouring around 2 and finished around 6. The reason why it took so long was because he didn't order enough concrete and we had to wait until the truck came back. One thing is for sure, concrete work is really…REALLY hard bending over all day is no fun and for the next day my back was aching, along with Elder Wilson's.
Pouring concrete stairs

Local HS football game
They also went to the local HS football game. Not sure, but we think the second J. may be playing. At the very least, hopefully someone they are working with was at the game. Then again, it is a small town, so maybe almost the whole town  is not home during the games.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Transferred Again

At  this point I have been transferred every transfer. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to serve with Elder Burnham for this transfer. I am grateful for the chance that  I had to come in contact with these wonderful people here in Great Falls. But the time has came for me to leave down to Shepard, MT! I am grateful for President Mecham and his inspiration that he has received to have me be called to serve the people in Shepard. As always, I know that I am called there for a reason, and there are people that I have to come in contact with and to bring them closer to our savior Jesus Christ. 

This week was pretty crazy. Because the Fort Benton missionaries Elder Lancaster and T. Jones had to come down to stay with us because Elder Jones was finishing his mission and going home. When Elder Lancaster came down me and him got to go find some less actives while Elder  Burnham had a meeting he had to go to with the zone leaders. We planned to have a tripanionship for the day. But the zone leaders did not get a chance to go on an exchange with the zone leaders, so they took him and I had to be senior companion for the day again! Just  like my last area in Malta, I put my fear aside and tried my best. We ended up getting in with all of the people that we planned for which most of the time never happens. 

I have had a good time on my mission so far and I am getting more comfortable teaching and talking to people. I am getting to create long lasting relationships with the people that I come in contact with the more people that I meet. Its  starting to get really hard to leave my areas, but I like going to different places because I get to meet more people. 

Hope you have had a good week as well,  hope to hear from you soon.

-Elder Daniels

I hope I stay for the transfer.

I hope I stay for this transfer. Everyone is joking about how I'm going to stay and my companion is going to leave, and I'll have to be senior companion then! I don't think that will happen, but this past week we had interviews with President Mecham and he asked me if I was ready to be a senior companion! OH NO!!! HAHA.  I told him  I didn't feel ready. BUT I said that I felt I could be in the near future. He felt the same way about it. Then I realized that transfers is next week and that is in the near future. I told him that if he feels like I should be senior, I would do it with all my best abilities. he said that "the lord doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies those he calls"

 I have about 20 months left. haha!  Its hard to believe now that I've been out for 4 months already.

We didn't really meet with alot of investigators this week cause it seems like this area that I'm in. 
needs the less actives. We looked at the ward list and the ward is about 75% less active. Its  kinda sad.
Well this week was fantastic. I loved having the opportunity to have the interview with President Mecham and being able to talk about how I am adjusting to the missionary work and seeing if I may be ready for the role of senior companion. Since the interview I have been thinking about taking on the role and seeing if I am ready for it. and the lord feels that I am ready to make that leap to the next level, I will try my hardest to be the best missionary that I can be.(not like I'm trying to do that anyway)

It seems like the Roe River ward in Great Falls is starting to be a less-active member Ward .
We still focus on those investigators that we have on date for baptism and all of the  new investigators that we have. But most of the time, they will cancel the lesson because something had come up and they would not be able to have a lesson. 

We have been working on our pamphlet lessons this week. our zone leaders, Elder Buntrock and Elder White, challenged us to have one day that was 100% pamphlet lessons. I am glad to say that we did accomplish that challenge.  We also got challenged to teach every active member lesson the messages that we teach about the gospel. We have been doing it with all of our dinner appointments. 

Elder Burnham is a fantastic companion, district leader, missionary, and friend. We have worked really hard this past transfer and I hope and pray that we are together for this transfer. I feel that we will stay together for another transfer. I hope you have had a good week and I'm excited for this upcoming week when we find out transfer information. :D
I thought it would be fun to add some of our correspondence here. McKade is with the district leader who has to do lots of email work on Mondays which leaves McKade lots of time to email me! These past weeks but after the transfer this week. We probably won't be able to email back and forth.
What do you do on pday?

Well, we played b-ball. and emailed, went shopping. kinda the normal stuff that you would do on your only day off.

-Elder Daniels

Whats your favorite snack? People ask and I'm like idk.


-Elder Daniels

Does it look like fall yet are the trees turning colors there?

No they are not turning colors yet.

-Elder Daniels 

What are you eating? Do people give you stuff to take home?

No they rarely send us home with stuff. But sometimes we can get some  homemade bread from the amish hooderite people. THATS REALLY GOOD BREAD! I might buy some cookie dough. I try to have some snacks alot.  I get nature valley bars on the go so I can have a snack while I'm out and about preaching' the word. 

Upload some pics I love them! You don't have any of Great Falls. Was your interview what you expected.
There isnt much that I can take pictures of. We are usually on base and I don't think your supposed to take pics because they have nuclear weapons and stuff. The interview was good. We basically talked about if I was ready to be a leader and a senior companion.
-Elder Daniels 

 I wish I could send you food! It's just to expensive to send packages. You can buy brownie mix and cookie mix. They are cheep. In the Baking aisle. You can use apple sauce for oil in brownies or cookies and use it to just eat for lunches. Buy chopped ham packages like by the pepperoni. Then you can mix it with eggs.  Buy tortillas then you can make tons of stuff, 

No I have some cereal that  I eat. I have some breakfast sandwiches sometimes. We eat our own breakfast I don't spend a whole lot on groceries. Apparently there is no tax in Montana. I guess some ideas for breakfast would help. Lunch is good. Sometimes we eat out. Sometimes a member feeds us and other times I have sandwiches. burritos. left overs. ramen, the classic mac and cheese, and other good stuff. and we usually get fed every night for dinner by members. 

-Elder Daniels
 Make sure your eating fruit and some veggies ok cereal is not healthy, and won't make you full. Get lots of apples and bananas for snacks and nuts are good to for energy. Peanuts almonds are cheapest. I'll make up some quick ideas for lunches and breakfast I know you just don't have a lot of time to shop or think about planning meals. So I'll put something together. 

It's always fun to email McKade! His answers crack me up he's so vague and random. He loves being a missionary and says he's surprised how much he knows. And is bold and not shy! He says he's teaching like its no big deal. That's huge for him to talk to people. I can see a lot of changes in him. He's transferred to a new place every six weeks, hopefully he stays so he can feel more comfortable . Fingers crossed, maybe he's getting extreme training. And there's big plans in his future.      

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Weeks eighteen and nineteen

This week was a pretty slow week compared to the others. I serve in what is called the Roe River ward. There are two companionship's in each of the wards now. We don't know what areas we have to cover now. Something that is especially interesting is that we have another set of missionaries now. We have been trying to figure out if we should split up the ward between us. To make sure we are not teaching the same people. Its a kind of tough situation. 

One thing that I thought was cool this week was an answer to our prayers. I already wrote it in my last letter to you. about Tyler and the other less active family. Tyler said that he was going to be able to come to church yesterday, but unfortunately his father is not letting him go without his mother who is a less active. We did have a lesson with the families yesterday, it was a really good lesson, the kids that we taught are well prepared and are ready to be baptized, they just need to be taught by us. We set a baptismal date for them for September 6th. We know that it is a long ways away but that is what they wanted. I think later on, Elder Burnham and I will try to move the date closer. The  kids have a lot of questions which is really awesome because it shows that they are interested.  
I  hope all is well for everyone this week and I love doing the work here in great falls. 

-Elder Daniels 
A hilarious family, especially the dad, and phenomenal ├ęclairs
This week went by so fast! Since Elder Burnham is the district leader, he has to go on exchanges with all of the companions. Which means for me that   I have to go on a lot of exchanges as well! The work has really progressed here in the Great Falls Roe River ward. Me and my companion have been working really hard and we have prayed for a lot of things. Since we have been patient, we have seen the effects of our hard work. We are very excited to have 4 people on date for baptism in the next month. They all seemed like solid dates. But when the time comes that they have to go to church. They have other things that they have to do and they do not come to church. 

I can not believe that this transfer is almost over! It seems like only 2 weeks ago the transfer started. but now its under 2 week left. We had a mid-transfer meeting with President Pfile, the stake president. I think it was good that we had it. Because at the beginning of the transfer, we created goals to accomplish. And the goals never seemed to get accomplished. So I liked the transfer meeting because that helped us know what to do to accomplish those goals that we set. 

 I hope you all have had a good week!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Great Falls

Two Mommas boys
I really enjoyed this week. This week went by really fast I thought. It seems like yesterday I was writing you all. Me and Elder Burnham have been working really hard this past week. During our zone meeting, We made a goal to have 10 people on date for baptism by the end of the transfer. At first I thought it was absolutely crazy, but just this past week we met with T who is a less active lady and she has not met with the missionaries for quite a while. Then we get a call from a lady telling us that she wants to meet with the missionaries again! When we went over and talked with T. As we were talking with her; her son, walked in and we asked him if he was still interested in learning about the gospel. He said yes! So we taught the first lesson and we invited him to be baptized after talking about the experience that Joseph Smith  had in the grove of trees,  and he said that he would want to. We were so exited! 

I really enjoyed the zone conference that we had as a mission. I took alot of things out of it. I feel that alot of the things that were said were very inspired. 

Then yesterday, we met with another less active who is an older man. We talked with him to see how he was doing. As the conversation went on, we started talking about his grandkids and he told us that all of his grandkids had not been baptized yet! We asked him how many he had he said eight!  So that leaves us still with 6 potential people on date! When we met with him he said that he was going to call a big family meeting where they are going to talk about the grandkids and how they need to be baptized. We have prayed about help to find a family to teach and to get 10 people on date. and we both feel strongly that that is an answer to our prayers. We could have 7 people on date and baptized in the next month, and we have a big family to teach. 

Also something amazing this week was this past Sunday where the whole stake met in the stake center for a massive sacrament meeting and we also talked about the boundary changes and every bishop got released and new bishops called. Something interesting was that since all the bishops got released, everyone that had a job got released as well! Now the newly called bishops have to basically start there own ward organization again. I thought to myself, "I wonder how Joseph Smith felt when he had to build up the church." This  week went really well and I hope everyone else's was too.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Farewell Malta

This week was the longest week ever. I thought that I was going to be staying in Malta for sure. Elder Sumner and I got along really well, and we did a lot of service and work there and I loved the area.

a picture of my zone
At least now I won't have to drive for 4 hours each week for district meetings. My new companion is the district leader. 
I am now in a big city, with 6 sets of missionaries. My companion and I live with a member in their basement. I am already seeing myself adjusting to this area and I love the people here. I am doing very well.

I sent a box home that has a hat or two or three in it. These were given to me by a really cool guy. I kept others to wear during service projects. You can try them on and take pics with them and send them to me to see how you look with them. That's the only time that you can wear them. When I come back off my mission,  and speak at my homecoming, I might be wearing boots and pants and a vest and a hat. That would be a sight to see. (Don't forget the bolo tie)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July

This  week had some ups and downs. I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July! Mine was awesome! I like the firework shows because even though they are beautiful, it resembles the bombs during the wars. It really makes me grateful that we are here in this country and that I know that this is the promised land. I also finished the book of mormon for the first time on july 6th. The cool thing is that I finished it in 6 WEEKS!!!!!! I started at the beginning of the transfer, I have started reading it again and I want to keep trying to finish it by the end of every single transfer. if I do that, then I would have read the book of mormon 15 or so times before the end of my mission. I was reading and this scripture came up and I thought it was appropriate for the 4th of july. 

  "And this land shall be a land of liberty unto the Gentiles, and there shall be no kings upon the land, who shall raise up unto the Gentiles. And I will fortify this land against all other nations. And he that fighteth against Zion shall perish, saith God." (2 Nephi 10:11-13)

 I had mixed emotions as i found out about the transfer information. I am grateful to be going to GreatFalls  for this next transfer. I thought that I was going to be staying here in Malta for sure! When the zone leader called and said that I was  leaving, I said, "TAKE IT BACK, TAKE IT BACK!!!"  once again, I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

 here are the stats.... it was a really slow week

Investigators baptized=0
Investigators confirmed=0
Investigators with a baptismal date=4
Investigators who attended sacrament meeting=0
Lessons taught with a member present=0
Other lessons taught=1
Progressing investigators=4
Referrals received=0
Referrals contacted=0
New investigators=0