Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Year mark and conference

Hello Family, 

This week right after preparation day was over, I went on exchanges with Elder Hatton in Missoula until Wednesday. On Tuesday however, we were driving around trying to figure out where we were going to tract because we had nothing else in our plans to do. But while we were driving around, Elder Hatton remembered that there was a less active lady in the area that they have been trying to contact for a few weeks now. We decided to stop by and try to get in. On the way there it started to rain pretty hard. When we knocked on her door she answered and saw that it was raining so she let us in. We shared with her the new Easter video and she really liked it. The conversation had many different topics and we taught her a lot of things and she really felt the spirit because she was crying the whole lesson, she was touched. One thing that she told us was that she had made cupcakes earlier that day and for some reason she set 4 cupcakes on a plate and covered it up. She didn't know why she did that, but she decided that they were probably for us. So she gave them to us. It was a very powerful lesson. It's nice to have those lessons that you just cant stop talking about for a while. 

Also this past week, I hit my year mark as a missionary. My year mark was on the second. All we did for my year mark, (since it landed on a Thursday) was weekly planning for the coming week. Then we headed out to Drummond to have dinner with some members out there. For dinner we went to a small restaurant called Parkers. This restaurant is famous for having over 135 different kinds of hamburgers on the menu that you could eat. None of those hamburgers looked appetizing to me. So I told the waitress that I just wanted a double bacon cheeseburger and her reply was, "are you kidding me! out of 135 different burgers to choose from, you want a plain old simple double bacon cheeseburger?!?!?!" She wasn't super mad because she was just joking about it. In my mind I thought, "your focusing on how good all of your 135 different burgers are but lets see how good you can make a classic." and being honest, that was a really good burger! There was also a challenge that Parkers had where you had to eat a two pound cheeseburger, one pound of fries, and a large milkshake in 20 minutes! That is a lot of food! The waitress said that there have been a few missionaries in the past that have beat it and some of their pictures are on the wall. That really tempted me to take that challenge but I don't think that I could do it right now. maybe someday I will try it.

Conference was amazing! there was so many great speakers. I took a lot of good notes and I hope that you did too.
Well that was my week. Hope yours was good.
-Elder McKade Daniels 

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