Monday, March 16, 2015

Transfering Agian

This week was much better than the last week. I am excited but also a little sad about the transfer news that we received on Sunday. I am sad that I have to leave Forsyth, but I know that I am supposed to be in Clinton at this time for however long that I may be there. I love getting transferred because I  get to see most of the mission and the beauty of Montana and Wyoming. The only issue that I have is that I dont really get to connect with the people in the area. It is hard to come into an area and then leave 6 weeks later. But I think that it is okay for me to get transferred because I think it would be really hard for me to leave. It kind of reminds me of the Shepherd ward, I stayed there for more than 6 weeks and it was pretty hard for me to leave. That ward will always stay near and dear to my heart. But I know that I am supposed to be in Clinton at this time of my mission and my heart should be there, and it will be. 

Something that happened this week was pretty cool. While I was on the exchanges with the zone leaders. We were tracting and we knocked on this door and the lady opened the door immediatly and she was super excited to see us. Her story goes like this, her boss is a member and works in Lewistown. Her boss keeps talking with her about the gospel and she is very interested. She wants to become a member but her husband does not approve. She is a super solid person and she is so ready to become a member. that was one of the coolest experience tracting that I have ever had. 

This Sunday was AMAZING! We usually have 30-40 people coming to church but this last week we had the M, family, Who are some less actives that we have been working with, Come to church! They filled up two benches! We were so excited for them and they said that they planned to come every week from now on. I am so excited for them, all we have been doing is reading the book of mormon with them and then their countenance has changed so much since we started working with them. It is amazing what the book of mormon can do to people. 

P.S. I also got my selfie stick at the mission home. President Mecham came up to me and handed it to me and said that the mission home opened it. Because they thought that it was for the mission home and so since they opened it, it could not be forwarded to me but at least I got it . 

I hope your week was good as well 
-Elder Daniels

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 9

McKade Daniels to you & 5 more
Howdy family,

This week was a very good week. But as far as having lessons and teaching people, we really struggled. This past Wednesday we had elder Zwick from the first quorum of the 70 come with Micheal Hemmingway from the church, come to our mission and talk with about the ipads and what we will be doing with missionary work in the future. The whole mission was there in one building in Bozeman and elder Zwick wanted to shake each and every one of our hands before we started. So I had the opportunity to shake a general authorities hand!!!!!! I felt like a lot of the discussions that were given were very inspired and focused on each and every one of us individually. It was really hard not to let the meeting become some sort of a mission reunion though. It was nice to see all of my previous companions that I have had so far on the mission in one room. I took a lot of things away from the meeting about what  I need to do to become better. One of those things is that felt like Ireally needed  was to forget the past and everything that has happened and move on. 

After the meeting was when elder Brewster and I went on another exchange for weekly planning with the Hardin elders. Pretty much all day Thursday was me planning for our area over the next week. It was pretty difficult because I have still never met some of the people that we are working with. After we finished weekly planning we had a lesson with a family who are a less active part member family. We were at a loss at what we should teach them because they have had the lessons many times but they need somebody to still be there. So we have just been reading the book of Mormon with them and they are really enjoying it. That same night we also had a lesson with the E. family. We had made the plan to teach them the law of chastity, but when we walked in their house and started talking I felt that we needed to totally switch up the lesson to teach to their needs. Basically how the conversation went was that we really threw them for a loop when we boldly told them that they needed to quit everything that is against the word of wisdom within a month. They expressed that it was really tough for them and that we 
shouldn't push them like that. So I felt that we needed to 
talk about why we pushed pretty hard and that we knew that it was for their own good. I felt like that lesson that we taught according to their needs was very beneficial and that it was needed.

Other than those two lessons that we had. our week was not much better, we really struggled this week with all of the meetings that we have had and everywhere we have had to drive because of exchanges and such. So I really hope that this next week will be a lot better than this one.

-Elder Daniels

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2nd 2015

Hey family,

Last Monday, Elder Brewster did an exchange with the Hardin Elders until Wednesday. When we had the mission leadership training. The exchange was a really good exchange. We got back to Forsyth right before dinner. After we had dinner we tried to see some of the people that are on our potentials list. To try and find any who are ready to learn about the gospel. While going through our list we saw the name T. and Obungo (they are from Uganda). When I was with Elder Brewster, We have tried them a few times but we have always missed her. So we decided to try her again and when we knocked on the door her husband answered the door and we asked if T. or obungo was there. He said no but said that we could come in. When we came in we sat down and started to some how  begin teaching and asking him about his religious background. He said that he believed in the bible and that the bible contained everything. We explained about the apostasy. And how books have been lost, and about the different translations of the bible. We also explained how we need to have a second witness to know what the full truth is. He believes that the bible is everything that we need and that "the book of the Mormons " as he called it, would have been contained in the bible if it were the word of god. But since it is not in the bible. He believed it is not the word of god. It was a very frustrating conversation. I wish people could just read a little of the book of Mormon and realize it is another testament of Jesus Christ and does not replace the bible but is a companion to it and testimony of the people who lived in  the American continents.
I really liked the mission leadership training that we had on Wednesday. President Mecham asked for a volunteer, and when nobody answered he called on me! And everyone gave out a sigh of relief. I wasn't too scared when he called on me. I don't mind getting called on, but I was a little nervous that I may not have the answer, but I always will try. Overall I really liked the training that we had.
We had another lesson with the E. family on Thursday. We taught the word of wisdom lesson. We felt that it would be a hard thing.  They will have to live With out bad habits before they get baptized. When we talked to them about it they expressed that they have 3 habits that are against the word of wisdom. We expressed our concern and we set the goals to quitting. We set a goal with them to quit one of those things that are holding them back every week from now on. They committed and we gave them priesthood blessings of comfort and council to help them. We told them that the blessing outcome was according to their faith. T. told us that she hoped it worked. It was a really good lesson but now they have some really big goals ahead of them.

This week we had stake conference, which was really good I thought. We were supposed to be there to be ushers for it because there was a whole lot of people there!  It was nice to see a lot of good friends from the Shepherd ward. A lot of the investigators that I had been working with in Shepherd have gotten baptized and are really solid in the church. I knew that area was going to be growing pretty soon. I wasn't the harvester, but I do know that I was one of the sowers and I planted a lot of seeds. In them to get them to the point of baptism.
Have a great week,
-Elder Daniels

Feb.22 2015

This week was really good! I've noticed that our lesson numbers have been becoming higher and higher each week. I may have mentioned a few times that Forsyth is really starting to grow. There is a lot of potential here. Most people that we talk to are really receptive and we have a lesson and solidly place a book of Mormon with them.
 For district meeting we had Elder Eddington there because he was going to be going on an exchange with us for a few days after. After district meeting we left to Hysham because we had a lesson with the who are on date and really solid on being baptized on the 28th of March. during the lesson; brother E, brought up some concerns about forgivness. We were able to show him the video about forgiveness and how it takes time for some people to get to that point. We feel that they definitely felt the spirit and were somewhat softened. They are a solid family, it is just a matter of trying to smooth out some of the bumps in the road.

Because of that concern that they had while we tried to fix it the best we could, We ended up having a really long lesson that went over an hour. We do realize not to stay there that long. But we had to resolve that concern carefully and by the spirit. We feel that they were touched. 

The exchange lasted until Thursday evening. On Friday we tried to see a lady that we were going to put on date and she opened the door and flat out said, " look guys, I am not going to become Mormon." So we basically told her that her choice was her choice and if she didn't want to meet with us anymore, than we were fine with that because usually they are not ready for the gospel yet. The beginning of the week was really good to start off, but the end of the week turned out to not be so great. But I  am glad that this area is improving because of our efforts in going out and teaching others the gospel and seeing our numbers improve.

Thats my week. have a good one!
-Elder Daniels