Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Missionary Training Center drop off

Today was the big day for the Daniels family. It was the day we have all been waiting for, and sort of dreading at the same time. The day finally came for Elder Daniels to enter the MTC for his short two week stay. It is certainly a day with mixed emotions, as Elder Daniels is going on to do the work of the Lord. Sad to see him leave us for two years, but excited, proud, and grateful for the work he will be doing during his time in the MTC and in the Billings Montana Mission.

You could see the excitement in his eyes, as well as a bit of nervousness for what lies ahead. Today marks another day in the life of Elder Daniels, that will be life changing, not only for him, but for others that he will come into contact with in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. As Elder Daniels said in his "farewell" talk last Sunday, this begins the 1st of 104 scout camps, refering to the time he will be away from home, as not 2 years, but 104 weeks of scout camp.

The work being preformed is much more important than the work done at scout camp. Elder Daniels will be blessed, and will bless the lives of others.

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