Sunday, July 20, 2014

Farewell Malta

This week was the longest week ever. I thought that I was going to be staying in Malta for sure. Elder Sumner and I got along really well, and we did a lot of service and work there and I loved the area.

a picture of my zone
At least now I won't have to drive for 4 hours each week for district meetings. My new companion is the district leader. 
I am now in a big city, with 6 sets of missionaries. My companion and I live with a member in their basement. I am already seeing myself adjusting to this area and I love the people here. I am doing very well.

I sent a box home that has a hat or two or three in it. These were given to me by a really cool guy. I kept others to wear during service projects. You can try them on and take pics with them and send them to me to see how you look with them. That's the only time that you can wear them. When I come back off my mission,  and speak at my homecoming, I might be wearing boots and pants and a vest and a hat. That would be a sight to see. (Don't forget the bolo tie)

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