Sunday, January 4, 2015

Merry Christmas Family and Friends

am very grateful for this opportunity to be on a mission for the lord at this time during the Christmas season. I am grateful to be here in Northern Wyoming as well, along with being companions with Elder Horsley who is from American fork Utah. all of the members I have seen since transfers have been very welcoming. Even all of the people that are not members are very nice. Since we live a little out of town in a little cottage on the KOA, we have to walk into town. We do not have the car because we are in a car share. but every day that we have had to walk into town. Somebody has always stopped to give us a ride into town. There is a lot of potential here. A lot of the people that we are meeting with seem pretty solid, but its hard to try and schedule a time during this Christmas season   Most of the people that we are meeting with say, "just come back after the holidays." which is like in a week or two.I

cody wyoming. our living quaters on the KOA photo DSCN31142_zpsaa433a21.jpg
Other than that we have been really good at having 8 o'clock lessons. this week while we were tracting, we were tracting in a snow storm that just came up suddenly. We knocked on a door and they opened up and we did the regular door approach. They saw that it was snowing outside and that it was cold so they invited us inside. We started talking about Jesus Christ and how he is the real reason for Christmas. While we were talking they interrupted us and said that they did not believe in Christmas because they were Jehovah Witnesses. We were unaware that they were Jehovah witnesses let alone that they did not believe in Christmas. So we just started talking about each others beliefs and why we believe what we believe. We brought up the pre-mortal life, and they asked us if that was found in the bible or just the Book of Mormon. I explained that it was in Jeremiah 1:5. so they pulled out their Jehovah Witness bible(which I think is the new world translation bible) and they turned to it an read it aloud. Jeremiah 1:5 is where it says," before I formed thee in the womb, I knew thee." but when they read it out of their bible it read, " before I formed YOU in the womb, I knew YOU." then we started talking about the need for the Book of Mormon using the scriptures from the bible. such as " by the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every work be established." once we finished talking about the necessity for the Book of Mormon. the conversation basically ended. They were the first Jehovah Witnesses that I have had the chance to talk to without them trying to bash on us. it was a really nice, wholesome, non-contentious conversation. other that what I have explained, that is all the things that have been happening here this week. 

Hope you are staying warm. especially because it is starting to become more and more like winter.  

-Elder Daniels

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