Monday, January 5, 2015

new year

As you know; this new year is a time to reflect on the past and to see what you want to change for the coming year. During thanksgiving,  I had made the decision that I was going to read the whole new testament. but my new years resolution, that I am going to keep, is that I am going to read the whole standard works by the end of my mission. The end of my mission is just a little after next year so I thought that this would be an appropriate goal that I could accomplish. It seems crazy that I am going to hit my year mark in 3 months! 

Ringing in the new year was pretty fun. We tried to get in with a few people but they were not home, most of them took a trip down to Utah. Apparently Utah is a hotspot for new years?!? But since most of the people were not at home we went to the stake center where the ward was having a party. We are usually supposed to be home at 9 but we were allowed to be out till 10:30. By the time that we got home and did our nightly planning for the next day and getting ready to go to bed, it was already midnight. So I was able to stay up till midnight even though I am a missionary. haha! But the bad thing about that was that we had to wake up at 6:30 that morning to go and do missionary work again! So we got 6 hours of sleep. But we would take a nap during our lunch hour to get some more rest. haha!

The new year kinda started out a little rough. We went tracting on new years day and we felt that we should go and tract this certain street in town, So we did and we got shut down and a lot of the people either didn't answer the door or when they did answer they were pretty rude. A lot of the people were not really happy to see us. It was a very interesting way to start out the new year I guess. 

This week has been really windy in WY. It has been warming up the past few days but it is really windy! Its pretty hard to do missionary work without a car every other week, its hard to have a lot of appointments during the day but it takes forever to walk to the appointments when they are not right next to each other. But we are seen a lot  when walking next to the roads in the cold at night. Like my letter last week, a lot of people have offered to give us rides but most of the time they are single women and we cannot get a ride with them. 

I hope that your new years was amazing, and that you have made some new years resolutions that you are going to keep. I love the area and the people that live here. They have great spirits and are very friendly. 

-Elder Daniels

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