Sunday, May 25, 2014

Because momma taught me good

First mission haircut
This week I got my first haircut while on my mission. It was also the first haircut in my life that I got from someone other than my mom, or grandma. I got it cut by a member. She did a really good job. She was surprised that I knew what size guard to use for the clippers. I knew,because momma taught me good.

We have 3 baptisms lined up for this Saturday. I know that they are going to get baptized. We shared with one of them that is getting baptized the first vision with Joseph Smith. We asked her how she felt after watching the video, and she told us that she felt warm and fuzzy inside! We asked her if she wanted to get baptized and she said yes and asked how long she was going to get held underwater. we told her that she just had to be completely submerged underwater. We also showed her a video of the prophet Thomas S. Monson speaking. We asked her what she thought about him and what he said in the video. She said that she felt that he was speaking directly to her. We also got to have exchanges with the other missionaries in a nearby town for a few days. When I got to the other town, me and my temporary companion Elder Swenson. went to the food drive place and bagged about 100 bags of Fiber One cereal for 2 hours.
Wonderful evening
Wonderful morning

Transfers are here already, and time has gone by really fast. I've looked back at where I came and realized that I have been out as a missionary for almost 2 months!!! I've already come to my first transfer, and to think about it more...I've got 94 more scout camps to go. It's nice to hear from y'all and see how your doing. and you might be wondering if I am having a great time here in Montana. just look up Alma 11:33.

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