Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lov'n Montana

Beautiful spring sunset in Montana
 Montana has been really good so far. Just about every night we get to eat with members in their homes. We get plenty of food at each dinner appointment, then of course dessert is served. By the time we finish eating, we are waddling out the door like penguins. It makes it a little hard sometimes to get back on the bike to travel to our next destination. We are blessed with generous members in this area. One night we did not have a dinner appointment, so we stopped on our bikes at a local Chinese restaurant. It was a lot more expensive than we had anticipated, so I ordered about the cheapest thing on the menu. When we went to pay the bill, we were told that someone else had already paid the bill for us. That was quite a surprise, and a blessing.
Feeling like a normal person.
#Selfie with #Elder W.
Currently we have one person set with a baptismal date. If all goes well, "H" will be baptized before the end of the month. Our District had baptism a few weeks ago, which we rode our bikes to in the rain. We were wet when we got there, but it was worth it.
We got to go to a Vocal Point concert. They are an a cappella ensemble from BYU. I felt short getting my picture with one of the singers who is 6'10".

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