Sunday, May 18, 2014

 A week or so ago, we had a Zone conference. My companion was scheduled to play the guitar and sing a song. As luck would have it, his voice was having troubles, and he wasn't able to sing. I said that I could play something in his place. I didn't have any sheet music, so I went to another room to practice a rendition of "I am a child of God" that I had played before my mission.  When it came time to play, it went really well, even without any sheet music.

This past Sunday, Mother's day, my companion and I had the opportunity to talk in church. Being Mother's day you could probably guess, my topic was  on ............. Revelation. I talked about how Joseph Smith received revelation as an answer to his prayers. Prophets in the ancient days received revelation, and how revelation is necessary even today for our salvation. We can all receive revelation. How do we or the people we teach about the gospel come to learn that the Book of Mormon is true? It is by revelation. We can all receive revelation.

Mckade via Facetime
Also on Mother's day I was able to call home. We talked by phone for a little while, then we were able talk using Facetime (video chat through an iPad) similar to Skype. Talked about how things were going, and the good time I was having.

Who really wants to get the prime Facetime location?
From his family's perspective, it was good to see that Mckade is having a good time, and gaining lots of experiences. We were able to see his companion, Elder Wolf. He is from Yucaipa in southern California. When Mckade was asked about having to eat any new or strange foods, he mentioned that he has had elk and deer burgers, and that they were pretty good.

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