Thursday, June 19, 2014

Listen. . . . Listen . . . . to the still small voice

The small town life is great, even though the whole town has been tracted twice already by Elder Sumner with his other companions. I am thinking that I would like to get some cowboy boots. I could wear them for service because the only shoes that I have for service now are my basketball shoes. Everyone around here has boots and so I feel left out and weird. We went and looked for some at a store, and the cheap brand of boots in my size are like 190 dollars. That is not what I would call a cheap brand of boots.
I checked our PO box on Saturday and we got a package, but we could not get it because the office was closed. We went to the post office today (Monday June 16th), and it was a package from Grandma Jones full of food.

Miles and miles of wheat fields
Each week, we eat with the same families for dinner. Monday's we eat with one family, on Tuesday's we eat with another family and so on.

Zone Training here we come
This past week was really cool. First off, we helped out with a youth rodeo all day. It was good because now everyone knows us and we got a lot of lessons from it. We were driving back from zone training, which is 200 miles away, and Elder Sumner got this feeling that he should put his hands on the wheel firmly. He did and not too long after he followed that prompting, our front tire blew out. If he hadn't listened to that prompting we would have crashed because the car jerked really hard. We pulled over, and a short time later a highway patrolman pulled up to check on us. We were fine, and we changed the tire ourselves. We got our tire fixed and then drove to a less active members home. They live on a 5,000 acre wheat farm and there was wheat fields for DAYS!!!!!!  We are anticipating 4 or 5 baptisms in the coming weeks.


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