Monday, June 9, 2014

So Long Belgrade

I got a call from the zone leaders about transfers, and they told me that I was going to be staying in Belgrade. The next morning they called back, and I was told that I was not going to be staying in Belgrade after all, and I was leaving the next morning, so I had to pack everything together fairly quickly. After what seemed like an all day ride in the car, I arrived at my new area. It is a small town (aren't they all in Montana) with the nearest town of any size about 100 miles away. I like the people and the branch that I am in is really small with only about 30 members.
My new companion is Elder Sumner, from Highland, Utah and he loves to rodeo. The sunsets are gorgeous here.  We might help out with a rodeo coming up, helping with the chutes or something.  We also might help with some branding.  For my first preparation day in the area we are going to be going golfing with a member, it is going to be fun. (It looks like there is a Country Club not far from town) Since I am in a branch instead of a ward, the work is kind of slow here, but we are going to change that!

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