Monday, August 18, 2014

I hope I stay for the transfer.

I hope I stay for this transfer. Everyone is joking about how I'm going to stay and my companion is going to leave, and I'll have to be senior companion then! I don't think that will happen, but this past week we had interviews with President Mecham and he asked me if I was ready to be a senior companion! OH NO!!! HAHA.  I told him  I didn't feel ready. BUT I said that I felt I could be in the near future. He felt the same way about it. Then I realized that transfers is next week and that is in the near future. I told him that if he feels like I should be senior, I would do it with all my best abilities. he said that "the lord doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies those he calls"

 I have about 20 months left. haha!  Its hard to believe now that I've been out for 4 months already.

We didn't really meet with alot of investigators this week cause it seems like this area that I'm in. 
needs the less actives. We looked at the ward list and the ward is about 75% less active. Its  kinda sad.
Well this week was fantastic. I loved having the opportunity to have the interview with President Mecham and being able to talk about how I am adjusting to the missionary work and seeing if I may be ready for the role of senior companion. Since the interview I have been thinking about taking on the role and seeing if I am ready for it. and the lord feels that I am ready to make that leap to the next level, I will try my hardest to be the best missionary that I can be.(not like I'm trying to do that anyway)

It seems like the Roe River ward in Great Falls is starting to be a less-active member Ward .
We still focus on those investigators that we have on date for baptism and all of the  new investigators that we have. But most of the time, they will cancel the lesson because something had come up and they would not be able to have a lesson. 

We have been working on our pamphlet lessons this week. our zone leaders, Elder Buntrock and Elder White, challenged us to have one day that was 100% pamphlet lessons. I am glad to say that we did accomplish that challenge.  We also got challenged to teach every active member lesson the messages that we teach about the gospel. We have been doing it with all of our dinner appointments. 

Elder Burnham is a fantastic companion, district leader, missionary, and friend. We have worked really hard this past transfer and I hope and pray that we are together for this transfer. I feel that we will stay together for another transfer. I hope you have had a good week and I'm excited for this upcoming week when we find out transfer information. :D
I thought it would be fun to add some of our correspondence here. McKade is with the district leader who has to do lots of email work on Mondays which leaves McKade lots of time to email me! These past weeks but after the transfer this week. We probably won't be able to email back and forth.
What do you do on pday?

Well, we played b-ball. and emailed, went shopping. kinda the normal stuff that you would do on your only day off.

-Elder Daniels

Whats your favorite snack? People ask and I'm like idk.


-Elder Daniels

Does it look like fall yet are the trees turning colors there?

No they are not turning colors yet.

-Elder Daniels 

What are you eating? Do people give you stuff to take home?

No they rarely send us home with stuff. But sometimes we can get some  homemade bread from the amish hooderite people. THATS REALLY GOOD BREAD! I might buy some cookie dough. I try to have some snacks alot.  I get nature valley bars on the go so I can have a snack while I'm out and about preaching' the word. 

Upload some pics I love them! You don't have any of Great Falls. Was your interview what you expected.
There isnt much that I can take pictures of. We are usually on base and I don't think your supposed to take pics because they have nuclear weapons and stuff. The interview was good. We basically talked about if I was ready to be a leader and a senior companion.
-Elder Daniels 

 I wish I could send you food! It's just to expensive to send packages. You can buy brownie mix and cookie mix. They are cheep. In the Baking aisle. You can use apple sauce for oil in brownies or cookies and use it to just eat for lunches. Buy chopped ham packages like by the pepperoni. Then you can mix it with eggs.  Buy tortillas then you can make tons of stuff, 

No I have some cereal that  I eat. I have some breakfast sandwiches sometimes. We eat our own breakfast I don't spend a whole lot on groceries. Apparently there is no tax in Montana. I guess some ideas for breakfast would help. Lunch is good. Sometimes we eat out. Sometimes a member feeds us and other times I have sandwiches. burritos. left overs. ramen, the classic mac and cheese, and other good stuff. and we usually get fed every night for dinner by members. 

-Elder Daniels
 Make sure your eating fruit and some veggies ok cereal is not healthy, and won't make you full. Get lots of apples and bananas for snacks and nuts are good to for energy. Peanuts almonds are cheapest. I'll make up some quick ideas for lunches and breakfast I know you just don't have a lot of time to shop or think about planning meals. So I'll put something together. 

It's always fun to email McKade! His answers crack me up he's so vague and random. He loves being a missionary and says he's surprised how much he knows. And is bold and not shy! He says he's teaching like its no big deal. That's huge for him to talk to people. I can see a lot of changes in him. He's transferred to a new place every six weeks, hopefully he stays so he can feel more comfortable . Fingers crossed, maybe he's getting extreme training. And there's big plans in his future.      

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